Blue Chip Laboratory – Secured High Tech Investments or a HYIP to Avoid?

by Tasos


Dec 20, 2016




When I first saw this ad I could not resist but to investigate further the opportunity attached. The main reason was the fact that this ad was overpassing the spammy filters of many advertising platforms. What I mean?..When I was clicking on it I was getting redirected to the official website, outside of the ad platforms without getting credited, like an invisible ad.

So here I am inside…



The Blue Chip Laboratory



And what a beautiful header image is that. 7 trendy dressed men on the beach, with 5 laptops in front of them, watching the screens, discussing, laughing, obviously enjoying the freedom while making “huge” bucks online.


Let’s watch the headlines

  • Modern startups in high technology markets
  • One of the leaders in the high tech field
  • Highly profitable investments in high tech startups require marketing insights
  • Our ultimate goal is to help come up with high end tools for more secure networks, improved profitability and seamless operations.
  • BlueChip Lab team is committed to increase investors wealth by leveraging strategic market relationships
  • We aim for strong investment performance through time tested strategies for earning larger capital allocations.
  • We offer the best investment packages and strive for achieving superior results for our investors.

Guys, I am really impressed but I am not investing yet, I need strong proofs of your super qualitative services.

Things are getting clearer

  • Daily profit 1% – 7%
  • 100% profit in 25 days
  • Minimum deposit only $10
  • Deposit will be returned at the end
  • Interest will be calculated each and every calendar day


3 Levels affiliate referral program

  • Level A – 10%
  • Level B – 3%
  • Level C – 2%
  • Members joined 1934
  • Total investor funds $191,665
  • Total withdrawals $61,49

Payment processors

Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoins

Owners – Domain

The domain was registered on early September, 2016 and the company Blue Chip Lab LTD is mentioned as owner. An address in Scotland is provided and a certificate of the Companies House is illustrated on the website.






Final Words



We deal with a revenue sharing project, a HYIP program with an MLM payplan in place.


Let me be clear right from the get go. All I can is luxury promises, an empty of content but beautiful website and a certificate.


I was expecting tips and insights into high tech startups. I need education and examples of companies that the Blue Chip Lab is investing in. Why do they invest in those tech startups?…Mentioning that they have high experience in the field obviously is not a solid reason to invest my money.

Why should I choose the Blue Chip Laboratory and not any other company?..

An active blog department with useful articles from the company’s experts is the least we should ask from them. And not just 4-5 articles, we need repetitive additions in order to build a trust with the company and as a result to invest our hard earn dollars.


You become a member, and then you need to invest in order to wait for your investment to mature and get the high expected ROI. There is nothing else for you to do.


What I can discern is a cheap Ponzi structure making this HYIP company yet another very dangerous investment. I bet all money from affiliates are being used to pay off existing investors. No real value, no products, nothing at all.

Be aware that all Ponzi schemes eventually collapse, because recruitment of new affiliates can not last for ages. These programs are designed to make the owners richer, first and foremost, and then it might work for a few early investors who may withdraw their earnings soon enough without problems with the company.

But all late investors / affiliates, the vast majority, all lose money in a case of an exit.

Having in mind the 3 levels deep MLM program act as a magnet for new affiliates / investors I predict that a strong recruiting game has begun.


If the company came to stay then there is no need to invest, just yet. I am waiting for their REAL contribution to the high tech world.


I took a look at some of the HYIP monitors to check if they are paying. There are people showing their withdrawals screenshots but most of them are $1 – $2 transactions. In the begging these companies pay, but in the long run problems may arise.


Very dangerous (gambling) program, proceed with extreme caution and do not invest more than you can easily afford to lose.



How I Make Money Online



By taking advantage of my online territory, that website you landed on. I do promote companies that offer real / valuable products. You can do it too.

That model has long term potential, endless opportunities, minimum start up costs, no risks.

One and only catch…your personal work / devotion.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts, Did you invest in the system?…I would like to hear from you. Till next time, your online partner.

















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