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You're Reading:BitLake.biz – Too Much Bitcoin Water Can Kill your Investments

BitLake.biz – Too Much Bitcoin Water Can Kill your Investments

by Tasos


Aug 13, 2017


Tasos Perte

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Another recently launched HYIP is the subject of today’s review. The formula again is very simple, invest, let a team of experts do the work for you, enjoy the rewards. And you might think…is everyone in profit?…is it so easy to make money online after all?

Well, what shines is not always gold. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those programs disappear after a few short months leaving their members with a loss. This program looks exactly the same, but let’s dive deep before we make our final decision.




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Inside the “BitLake”




The professional looking homepage welcomes visitors with a main picture showing a man working on his laptop over a beautiful lake

Headline…A cryptocurrency mining company established in 2017. The wide array of services they offer is specifically designed to assist Bitcoin holders in making good investment decisions.






About Page

Definitely, you are in search of a reliable and profitable investing system. Guess what, you are at the right place. The company offers trust assets management of the highest quality on the basis of foreign and Bitcoin exchanges. Proposed modalities for strengthening cooperation will be accepted by anyone who uses cryptocurrency and knows about its fantastic prospects. Your deposits are working on an ongoing basis, profiting every day, and you can withdraw earnings instantly. Join the company for a brighter future ahead.


This script is an exact copy of numerous other HYIPs



  • Instant withdrawals
  • Registered UK company
  • Dedicated server
  • SSL encryption


Investment Plans


  • Plan A: 10% daily ROI forever, deposits 0.001 – 10 BTC
  • Plan B: 12% daily ROI forever, deposits 10.001 – 50 BTC
  • Plan C: 15% daily ROI forever, deposits 50.001 – 300 BTC

Minimum withdrawal limit: 0.0005 BTC


Affiliate Program – 2 levels deep

1st level 5%, 2nd level 1% commissions on referrals purchases. You don’t need to invest in order to be eligible for referral commissions.


FAQ – Terms – Important

What exactly is BitLake.biz and what are its activities?…A prominent representative of the international computer technologies market, Bitcoin encryption algorithms, and mining. A developer of hardware offering safe investments in this area.

Another exact copy of HYIP scripts, it is getting boring

Can I lose money?…No, they make every effort to ensure the safety of your assets.

I said boring, but it’s getting funny now

You can invest as many times as you want

You can open multiple accounts


Social Media

The Facebook page indicates a Non-profit organization. Moreover, no admin is mentioned. The Twitter account with only 3 posts and by following only 14 people, has over 67,000 followers. Obviously, they are buying followers.



Registration – Legal Docs

Companies house number 10819523, 39 The Broadway, Southall, United Kingdom, UB1 3HA, incorporated on 14 June 2017. The name Warren Oneal appears as the officer, +449725994618, admin@bitlake.


Owners – Domain

With the help of the whois database, I uncover the registration date for the domain bitlake.biz, 13 June 2017. The owners as usually are hiding from the public using privacy protection.


This is the point where another HYIP has nothing more to present









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Final Thoughts



Are you interested in investing?…Do you think that BitLake is a program that can guarantee any earnings?…Read on, for a full breakdown


Apart from the registration document, there is nothing to trust in that company. The domain was purchased anonymously and nowhere on the official website the owner is mentioned. Not even on the Facebook page. This is a major red flag, and you should invest only in transparent companies.

The about page is not enlightening the activities of the company. The script used in that section is a copy of other programs.

The FAQ page mentions that BitLake is a company dealing with computer technologies, Bitcoin mining and algorithms, and offering multiple investment plans. This information is totally unverifiable as there is no proof that the company is active in those fields. If BitLake is an actively investing company producing bitcoin algorithms and mining bitcoins, where are the photos of the facilities?…Where is the hardware equipment?…Where is the professional staff that is able to generate huge cryptocurrency profits every single day?


How can they be sure that no one is going to lose any money?…They make all the necessary efforts to ensure our investments. Is this a reason for you to invest?


Therefore, they say that they are here to help Bitcoin holders make good investment decisions. Nope, this is not how things work. The BitLake is just a platform for you to invest bitcoins. They do not give any financial advice, they just use your money however they want. Supposedly, they trade with your money on the markets, but this is not even the case here.


Now let’s discuss about the most important factor, the investment plans


During the latest decades, we watch a worldwide economic crisis. Banks can not offer interests that were offered back in the 1990s. Any investment portfolio is risky, and even professional traders with numerous years of experience lose money as they can’t predict the assets movements. Any program offering more than 10% yearly should be avoided by all means.

How can the BitLake experts offer 10% up to 15% daily ROIs will remain a mystery to be solved. Those ROIs do not exist on planet Earth.

And if anyone was able to generate such kind of profits on a daily basis, they would not share that secret with random people online. Because it simply does not make any sense.


All of the above details leave me no space but to mark the financial opportunity as another rotten Ponzi fraud. What happens in those programs?…They are solely dependent on affiliates deposits, There is no other source of income for Ponzi programs. When someone registers and deposit, this money is being used to compensate those that invested earlier. This is illegal, of course, and the main reason why BitLake is going to disappear from the market.

Who is making money?…the anonymous owners and maybe a couple of friends that invested on day 1. The vast majority of participants is guaranteed to taste a bitter loss.


A program that you better ignore





Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions




That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.





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  1. Anonymous

    They aren’t paying since 2017. when I wrote to the support regarding my withdrawal delay they replied stating to log in at bitlake.biz with my username and password. I did invest but never again. Now I use only Paybis for buying bitcoin and selling it.

    • Tasos


      Thanks for letting us know.

      Good luck with your bitcoin investments.

  2. Raynah

    Bitlake is not paying since 19th Aug 2017. when I wrote to the support regarding my withdrawal delay they replied stating to login at bitlake.biz with my username n password. Now that is more frustrating. I did invest…n now I believe I lost it completely 🙁

    • Tasos

      Thank you so much for the update, Raynah. Those programs do not work. It’s not the end of the world if you lost money. If you are interested in legit ways to make money online let me know!

      • Nn510

        Same with me
        Bitlake.biz is not paying
        Pls let me know how can I recover my lost money any suggestions about trusted sites

        • Tasos

          Thank you Nn510 for contacting and for the update on this site. Have in mind, those opportunities do not last long. Do not try other investing sites, it is waste of time.

          However, you sound ambitious and serious. I have good news. There are legit opportunities, but you have to work. In that case, I have almost finished my first mini course which will be available in 2 weeks or so. If you like to get notified by email let me know or reply to this comment.

          This mini course will show you exactly how to create an opportunity on your own, with my guidance. Not only in theory, but in practice where we, together, will be creating your product to sell in the markets.

          There is huge potential Nn!

  3. Rajesh

    Bitlake.biz is fake and from yesterday its not paying and unable to recover the deposits.

    • Tasos

      Thanks for the update Rajesh!…I was not expecting that to happen so soon

  4. Alexandr

    Bitlake does pay out, there are lots of ROI proofs in the internet, but it will be gone soon!

    New Bitlake based system
    [affiliate link of other program removed]

    • Tasos

      I know what you mean Alexandr!

  5. Manuel Di Barbora

    Bitlake great investment opportunity every day receive 10℅ like clockwork. Quick and easy transaction.

    Triple your invesment in only 1 month.

    Use this link to register and start earning money.
    [affiliate link removed]

    • Tasos

      I believe you, Manuel!

      • Kan

        Dear Tasos, thanks for your good information. But unfortunately I laready invested some bitcoin and will wait to get my money back after collecting earnings. Can you tell what do you think about bitconnect.co?
        Thanks agan,

        • Tasos

          Welcome, Kan. Please keep me posted about BitLake. The other program you mention seems different, it is not a classic HYIP, it needs to be investigated further. Allow me at least 5 working days for a review, as I am very busy at the moment.

          Thanks for taking the time to participate and for your kind words. Best of luck!

    • Ray Gallagher

      scam proof is all over no payments

      • Tasos

        Thanks for the update Ray


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