You're Reading:BitAtom.biz – Throwing Crypto Bombs to Save the World

BitAtom.biz – Throwing Crypto Bombs to Save the World

by Tasos


Sep 10, 2017

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

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We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

Heading for interviews laughing



Wow, not again, I said to myself when I came across a new ad. Not an investment solution for everyone. Please, not again in bitcoins. But, this is the trend, and I don’t blame them. It’s because people want quick solutions and shortcuts when it comes to making money online. Tell me, do you believe that online should be different than offline?…

Why there has to be a magic bullet online?


Today under the microscope is a recently launched investing platform, They promise huge hourly ROIs for members that invest in the company’s vision. They do that because they can. Yes, they win all the trades, and they share revenue with their members. Plain simple.


Let’s dive deep before we make our final decision…



Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions




Inside BitAtom



The homepage’s design shows a Bitcoin circle moving inside something that looks like a galaxy. Investment solutions, ladies, and gentlemen. A Bitcoin mining, crypto-currency trading, and investment firm run by industry veterans. They offer top-notch investment plans for lifelong returns.

Want constant hourly returns coming your way?…Yeah, I mean who does not!


Let’s see, another company came to life out of nowhere, promising the world that comes as a savior.






About Page

A team of professionals with over 30 years of trading experience in the financial markets. Stable revenue for everyone. Their extraordinary skills minimize the risks, extracting returns from the volatile but highly profitable crypto currency market.  The user-friendly investment platform assists investors around the globe in making good decisions.

Sustainability, strategic responsibility, stable hourly returns for all the investors.


Video Presentation

The video is nothing than HYPE. A company with a vision, ensuring safe transactions. They employee highly trained technicians, the best of the cream experts in trading, mining and data decisions.

They use stock images and fancy effects to add credibility in something that looks deceiving at least



  • DDoS protection
  • SSL encryption
  • SiteLock
  • GeoTrust


Investment Plans


  • Plan A: 0.4% hourly ROI, for lifetime, deposits 0.001 – 10 BTC
  • Plan B: 0.47% hourly ROI, for lifetime, deposits 10.001 – 25 BTC
  • Plan C: 0.5% hourly ROI, for lifetime, deposits 25.001 – unlimited BTC

Withdrawal threshold  0.0005 BTC.


Affiliate Program – 3 levels deep (MLM)

  • 1st level 5%
  • 2nd level 2%
  • 3rd level 1%

Commissions on referrals purchases. You don’t need to invest in order to be eligible for referral commissions.


FAQ – Terms – Important

  • What exactly is BitAtom?…an online investment platform where you make an investment and earn profits for a lifetime.
  • Who manages the investment portfolio?…a team of financial specialists. The company employs experts on a full-time basis who have been working in the crypto markets for at least 7 years each. This team is also surrounded by specialists who are experts in evaluating new private businesses called start-ups which have the chance to grow into large-scale and highly profitable enterprises.
  • You can open multiple accounts.


Social Media

The Facebook page does not show any admin. On Twitter with only 3 tweets, they have over 8,000 followers. The You-Tube channel lists only the video presentation.


Registration – Legal Docs

BitAtom Limited, companies house number SC571041, 72 Stell Road, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB11 5QR, incorporated on 12 July 2017. The name Jens Ziegler appears as the officer, +441549360043.


Owners – Domain

The whois database indicates the registration date for the domain bitatom.biz, 21 July 2017. The owners as usually are hiding from the public using privacy protection.


And this is the point where all these modern HYIP websites have nothing more to present.








Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Transform Your Life

The Beginner’s Ultra Guide to Making Money Online



Recap – Breakdown



Are you interested in investing?…is BitAtom an atomic bomb made of bitcoins?…One that is ready to explode?…Read on…


Apart from the registration documents, there is nothing that we can trust in that company. The domain was purchased anonymously and the officer’s name on the companies house listings, Jens Ziegler, can’t be connected with any trading/investment activity or Bitcoin mining.

The video commercial uses stock images and fancy effects to make people believe that behind this beautiful website there is a huge company. Smoke and mirrors, my friends.

In order to invest any money, I have to be 100% sure that I deal with professionals that know what they are doing. How can BitAtom convince me that they are legit?…How exactly are they dominating the trading markets?…I know, they are trading veterans. Sorry, but we need proofs, for example, real photos.

Where are the mining equipment and the facilities?…The face of the owner?…The staff?…Where are those veterans?…Why are they hiding?…


They say that a team of financial specialists evaluate new private businesses/start-ups. However, there is no other information on that matter. You see, the BitAtom website is empty of any content. They make everything to be kept under the radar and they definitely, do not contribute to the investing industry. All I can see is fake promises hidden by a modern website.

They say that they assist their members to make good investment decisions. No, there is no service like that offered. The only thing you can do is use the dashboard in order to invest. You talk to no one, no one is going to give you any advice because there is nothing there.


Now let’s discuss about the most important aspect of this financial opportunity. The investment plans.


It is incredible but they promise 0.5% hourly ROIs. Hourly, I mean they are veterans for a reason. And supposedly they win every trade out there. Wait, why don’t we analyze the situation from another perspective?…

The last years and decades to be more precise, we live in an economic downfall. Interests in any type of investment have dropped to almost zero. You are lucky if you find a product in a bank that could give you 2-3% Yearly. And there are no guarantees. It is a risky business model, the riskiest of all. No one can guarantee any earnings by trading activities.

And BitAtom wants us to believe that they can pay everyone 1% ROI in a couple of hours. Trading magic from another galaxy.



All of the above details leave me no space but to mark the financial opportunity as another shady Ponzi game. Those Ponzi programs are solely dependent on their members that are affiliates and they deposit. You see, when there is no other source of income for these fake companies, newly invested funds are being used to compensate earlier investors. When someone registers and deposits, this money is being transferred to an older member. Now the new member in order to get paid is waiting for other affiliates/victims to signup and deposit.

But this game can not go on forever. When recruitment slows down, it is when the anonymous admins will escape shutting down the website, packing up for their vacation to Bahamas. It is when the vast majority of participants understands that there is no money left in the revenue sharing pools, but it’s too late. They lose their deposits because they believed that easy money is possible.


A program that you better ignore, but if you want to gamble it is OK. In that case though, do not spend more than you can easily afford to lose.





Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.





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