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You're Reading:Would You Open the Binary Backdoor to Let “Chad” Scam You?

Would You Open the Binary Backdoor to Let “Chad” Scam You?

by Tasos


Oct 3, 2015



Very interesting introduction asking us if we are looking for a performing binary software , not like the previous we probably have tried and did not work as advertised.But these previous software did work , actually.It is due to another variable that we face losses.The only problem though is that the owner is going to let only a few people to join this program.

It has to be done in that way , in order to minimise losses and run on full auto-pilot.Most importantly is going to run with an insane , almost illegal win rate.


With this Review I am Investigating the Binary Backdoor to find out if it is a Legitimate Opportunity or a Scam



Do you like to be bombarded with fancy headlines like these?

  • Want to buy the car of your dreams?
  • Want to buy a mansion that you deserve in a luxurious high society place on earth?
  • Want to travel first class and see the world?

And how come the “Video Voice” knows that I deserve all that?



More Exaggerated Claims – Screenshots of Bank Accounts – the Usual Menu


I won’t comment on how useless are these methods at this point.Let’s see what’s next … It is getting ridiculous already .. But why Tasos?

Do you really believe that this voice is not going to reveal his true identity because he is hiding? … people , come on.

The voice continues … he is using the cover up name “Chad Kowenski”.. Yeah , I believe you Chad.


The Old Recipe of a Horror Background Story


He’s been working for a large broker firm for the last 6 years.His job to contact people and convince them to deposit money into their trading accounts.For every trader’s deposit he was making a commission as a bonus.But unfortunately he only got 30 commissions for this very long period.About $7500 extra cash … Wait a minute pls … Oh yes , it stands as $250 for the deposit , just like I was expecting “Chad”.


This is the usual minimum deposit with a Binary broker.I am getting really bored here.


He discovered that all of his clients were trading for an average of 12 days only.He contacted them to find out “Why”..They told him that the software was not performing as it was supposed to.He passed that information to his colleague and he laughed

… Chad , it is not the software , WE are blocking their signals.The software get false signals from us to reduce their chances of winning.


Chad was shocked , paralysed.He could not believe it.He was working for a corrupted firm for so long and he did not even had a clue.It is very tough to feel guilty and it makes even tougher when it is not your fault.Chad is a hero , a real one.He was trying to recover the losses for his clients.A typical example of a Good-Man.

He managed to create a fake account while working at the company the next day.He tested the software from home and the next day he logged in at the office , he won 121 out of 149 trades.He felt “Ecstasy” running down his veins.There was a problem though.He could not withdraw that money as the account was fake.

$300K plus were about to vanish like dust in the wind.





The Whole Pay-Back Plan



  • Create a FREE account with this specially designed website
  • Chad manually approves your account by changing the date of creation and adding random history to it
  • Chad removes the binary software block
  • You start trading using the automated software

Sit back , relax , enjoy the money roll in … Roll in Chad’s account out of YOURS…That part Chad missed to explain.



But why is Chad helping you to make money?- Fair question


  1. To get some sleep at night
  2. Help him to have a clean conscious
  3. To get his commissions bonuses (This is the only TRUTH so far)


Let Chad Introduce you to his members , he is already in business


Kimberley – over $700K on an average of $3260 per day.But Kimberley wants to make up for Chad , she decided to give him some Extra bonuses for his spirit.This is how Chad is rewarded.

Eugene – another serious entrepreneur..He was a client at that firm and of course Upset when Chad explained why the software was not working properly.But now he is happy.More than $800K profts , of course Eugene , anyone would be happy with all these money.


Hurry Up – Only 10 Available Spots for Today


Chad does not want his boss find out hat is going on behind the scenes.

…Chad , I wonder who is paying that money to your clients?..The broker would have discontinued their accounts after 2-3 days tops.






Final Opinion – Conclusion


Do you believe all these crap nonsense BS?..Do you really think that a broker is willing to pay you $5K daily without investigating how you are so profitable?

Do you think that the story of Chad is True?..If the answer is yes , sorry , I can’t help you on that.It is up to you to decide.

But I have some questions for Chad


  • Where is the training on the software?…How can I use it?…I have no experience with Binaries
  • How come you offer 24/7 support Chad? , this is supposed to be a Backdoor opportunity against the firm you are working with.
  • Why the Live Chat is Offline? … I have tons of questions Chad.
  • Why the guided tour is locked Chad? .. I have to trust every word you said and just deposit my tough gained money?
  • Why the FAQ sections is locked too?…Chad , the FAQ should be open to anyone.
  • Where is the paypal option?..I don’t want to uncover my credit card details to someone that just produced a 10 minutes video full of claims and BS
  • Where are the articles in the “Education” section?…Is that a broker that has been up online for more than 6 years?…Empty of content Chad?


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P.S Do not deposit money when a webpage is filled only with a video full of sales shouts.Investigate for further content.You need to find tons of free information.







I hope you enjoyed this Binary review , unfortunately is has proved to be another Fraud product designed to grab your money.I am welcoming your comments and thoughts as always.Till my next review


Mini Guide to Help you Understand Common Types of Online Scams


Discussion on the Automated Binaries


















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  1. Lynne

    Hi Tasos
    Thank you I really laughed with this one. I don’t know anything about binary options… but for this binary backdoor scam I don’t have to. Chad is an idiot and a dishonest chap no matter which way you look at it
    I hope nobody falls for this douche bags scam, this one is so bad it is laughable.

    • Tasos

      That was a good one Lynne.You made me laugh too.Chad is a ridiculous guy , indeed.No value on his efforts , whatsoever.

      Generally , binary options is a category to avoid , if you want to keep your peace of mind.Thank you for this visit and for the humorous chat.All my best.

  2. rufat

    Great exposure of Binary Backdoor. Over the past 6 months I investigated over 20 binary trading programs and very few of them appeared to be legit. An overwhelming majority of binary trading programs are complete scams. And even those that are legit make unrealistic promises and mislead people that don’t have any clue about binary business. As I can see, Binary Backdoor is just another “Sit back, relax and enjoy the money roll in” types of programs that mislead you instead of helping you through a proper education and support. I think it’s the approach that makes even good things ugly. What do you think Tasos?

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Rufat , I am not surprised at all with your message.I know that you are fighting the organised crime and you do a pretty good job in cleaning up some of the mess.But these Binary frauds are literally endless.Every day I got new offers in my inbox for programs that will change my life.Oh , come on , please I don’t need any more of that crap.

      Totally agree , I expect from the Binary Affiliates to offer me a decent training , in order to understand how Binaries work and what to expect.Even legit programs without training are useless because if someone is new to this business model he will lose money one way or another.You can’t just promote products without giving anything in return , how many sales are you expecting to complete?

      Let’s hope that things will change , Internet surfing has become dangerous.Thank you for this visit and for clearing things up with your opinion , your comment can direct people in the right way.

  3. Peter

    Great review Tasos! Loved the way you tell Chad’s story, very amusing. Does he really expect people to believe this? When I see a binary option trading program, to be honest, I never investigate any further, I’m just so fed up with these binary option scams.
    In the last few days I have seen quite a few good reviews for this Binary Backdoor scam. Affiliate marketers who are ready to promote programs like this only care about making money and couldn’t give a damn about their visitors. I’m glad to see you’re not like that Tasos.
    Thanks for an honest review.

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Peter , I am getting bored too , of all these new Binary offers.Over 99% of them are nothing but scams , but as you mention there are hundreds of affiliates that are promoting these worthless products just to make some money.Let’s hope that people will finally wake up and understand what is going on and what is the Truth.

      Thank you for another visit and for stating your experience , your message can help more people out in the right direction.


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