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You're Reading:Enhance your Knowledge with the Big Data University Free Online Courses

Enhance your Knowledge with the Big Data University Free Online Courses

by Tasos


Sep 10, 2016




Big data analysis is very important for large organisations and complex structures.Students that take courses in that area might have an advantage over others in the next years.

I discovered an online resource where you can attend free courses


Inside the Big Data University


Website: Big Data University

They say …”Analytics , Big Data and Data Science courses”…”Your awesome career in Data Science and Data Engineering starts here”

The benefits

  • It’s free , so technically you have nothing to lose
  • Earn badges for your portfolio
  • Expand your knowledge – courses for all skills


The Learning Paths



Big Data Fundamentals

An introduction to tools like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark Frameworks , which enable data to be analysed on mass.

Data is comprised of bits and bytes and we as humans are immersed in data every day.The value within data can only be understood when we identify patterns and trends.

That particular leaning path is designed to move participants from the initial understanding of big data terms and concepts to working with tool sets to dig into the data.


  • Big Data 101
  • Hadoop 101
  • Spark fundamentals 1


Scala programming for Data Science

Spark your interest in selecting the tools you need to tackle Big Data with ease.Data scientists tend to favor one of three programming languages … Python , R or Scala.Which to choose?





That learning path has been developed by Lightbend (formerly Typeface) , the undisputed authority on all things Scala.


  • Scala 101
  • Spark overview for Scala analytics
  • Data science with Scala


Hadoop fundamentals

Understand Hadoop as a foundational tool set for your future.Gain exposure to the tools used in Big Data , Hadoop’s core components and supporting open source projects.

Hadoop is the open source framework for distributed storage and processing of Big Data.You will understand the Hadoop conceptual design , how to use the application and manipulate Data without complex coding.


  • Hadoop 101
  • MapReduce and Yarn
  • Moving data into Hadoop
  • Accessing Hadoop data using Hive



Spark fundamentals

Apache Spark as a general engine for large scale data processing , is such a tool within the big data realm.The learning path addresses the fundamentals of the program’s design and its application in everyday life.

They continue…”ever waited over night to run a report and to find in the morning that it is still running?”

With the increasing number of data you need to be fluent in the right tools to be able to make your commitments.The path provides hands on opportunities and projects to build your confidence within this tool set.


  • Spark fundamentals 1 + 2
  • Analysing Big Data in R using Apache Spark



Big Data analytics

The path offers a foundation of both methods and tools to go beyond coding in order to keep your interest to visualise and analyse Big Data efficiently.

Gauges helps us to determine how to address or process a concept on any given topic changing our interaction with the concept or item as it grows.

The path introduces the Big Data Concept and its infinite possibilities and use familiar spreadsheet environments to start asking questions.


  • Text analytics 101
  • Analysing Big Data with a spreadsheet UI
  • Spark overview for Scala analytics



Hadoop programming

When you complete this path , concepts such as how parallelism is performed on a cluster will be second nature.Your awareness of how to program , using high or low level languages will be highlights along the way.


  • MapReduce and Yarn
  • Apache pig 101
  • Simplifying data pipelines with Apache Kafka


The Badges



  • Data science foundations – Level 1
  • Big Data foundations – Level 1 + 2
  • Hadoop foundations – Level 1 + 2
  • Spark – Level 1 + 2
  • Watson analytics – Level 1
  • Scala programming for data science – Level 1 + 2
  • Data science for business – Level 1 + 2
  • Hadoop programming – Level 1 + 2
  • Hadoop data access – Level 1 + 2
  • Hadoop administration – Level 1 + 2
  • Big Data analytics – Level 1 + 2






There are 2 upcoming events for those that are interested

  • Big Data & Health presented by IBM in Canada – Toronto – 12 September
  • IBM World of Watson 2016 – October 24 , 27


Big Data University Resources



  • Getting started with Python
  • Big Data – beyond the Hype
  • Streaming analytics with IBM streams
  • Database fundamentals
  • Getting started with DB2 Express – C
  • Infosphere Data architect
  • DB2 application development
  • IBM data studio for DB2
  • Open source development
  • DB2 pureScale

and many more..





Final Words



Knowledge never stops and if you are involved in data analysis you should check the Big Data University.It is a free resource and you can earn badges along with the learning paths.

Times are changing fast , so every bit of science is useful.


That’s it , another article has finished , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.












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