A step-by-step marketing and branding system for authors to help them add thousands of engaged readers to their mailing list and to grow their audience on auto-pilot

Nick Stephenson | USA Today best-selling author

Tasos Tzortzis | Marketing Specialist, Lifetime Entrepreneur

A Free Training to Help You Understand How Self-Publishing Works


Your first 10,000 readers training helps you MASTER the world of self-book publishing!

Why Would You Care?

The online world has become a noisy, messy place. Competition for attention is fierce. The incessant blitz of ads never stops.

It’s not your imagination — It IS becoming harder and harder for your message to reach your perfect client.

And you know what?

No matter how good you are at what you do… no matter how hard you work… no matter how powerful your message is…

the success of your business always depends on this:

You have to find a way to get in front of ideal prospects who have a burning problem in their gut…

If they only knew you existed.



Your First 10,000 Readers is a superb training program that helps you become an author superstar and dominate the markets.

In a nutshell, the “Your First 10,000 Readers” by Nick Stephenson is a step-by-step premium training course designed for authors, writers, and entrepreneurs. It helps them build an audience, grow their reach and exposure, build engagement with their customers and sell more books and other products, which is the most important aspect.

It all starts with using books and publishing as a way to do that. It is a step by step system that will show you

  • How to get started
  • How to Setup
  • How to Scale Up

Ideal Audience – Who is it For

  • Authors
  • Writers
  • Small business owners
  • Brands and entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • People with a passion
  • People with a following
  • Anyone with a message

Nick Stephenson’s Background

Nick Is the best selling author of Leopold Blake, a thriller series, Supercharge your Kindle sales and Reader Magnets. He’s considered one of the most influential indie author marketing experts on the web. He has reached over a million readers with his fiction books and helped thousands more with his teaching methods

Tasos Tzortzis Background (this is me)

I do marketing since December 2014. I live, breathe, and dream marketing. This is what I do for a living. I help companies sell more of their products, both locally and globally. I offer marketing and advertising services to clients directly and as a marketing publisher indirectly through this website.

My passions: marketing, advertising, sales, human psychology, personal development. I have a University Business Administration degree and I’m an entrepreneur since 1992.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, Tasos fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and has helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services on the web.

He enjoys reading, music & arts, mathematics, chess, coffee, swimming, Audi, and playing with his kids.

Welcome to this exciting journey. Let’s do miracles!

Self-book Publishing Has Taken The World By Storm!

Self-published Books in 2017

Print books sold in 2018 in the U.S

Authors enrolled in YF10KR program


Self-publishing of print books increased by 38% in 2017


Self-published books now represent 31% of e-book sales on Amazon’s Kindle Store

Free Live Workshop

From $0 to $1,000 a month in book sales

At NO Cost!

August 20, 2020 3pm Eastern / 8pm UK

During this in-depth training, you’ll learn:

The math behind $1k a month & how many books you actually need to sell (hint: it’s fewer than you think)

The three-step formula to build a sustainable author career – traffic, conversions, and scaling up (I’ll take you through it all)

How to drive endless traffic to your books and websites, without needing a huge ads budget (some of these strategies are 100% free)

How to convert traffic into sales & email subscribers – and what to do with your list once you’ve grown it

How to automate your marketing systems, so you can spend more time doing fun stuff

The secret to scaling up profitably – bringing everything together into a solid growth plan for 2020

Nick Stephenson’s Background

Nick is a fiction and non-fiction author, the best selling author of Leopold Blake, a thriller series, Supercharge your Kindle sales, and Reader Magnets. He’s considered one of the most influential indie author marketing experts on the web. He has reached over a million readers with his fiction books and helped thousands more with his teaching methods.


Free Video Training


Your First 10,000 Readers is Included

in the WMS Elite Marketing Training Programs List

Your First 10,000 Readers Curriculum

What You’ll Learn

  • How publishing a book can grow your exposure, authority and give you an endless stream of readers, leads, and customers.
  • How to quickly and effectively publish books on Amazon and other retailers
  • Why Amazon is a search engine and not a bookstore, and how to use that to your advantage.
  • The secret to merchandising – how to get featured on the front page of the biggest e-book retailers with a simple tactic
  • How to choose the right categories and keywords for your books
  • How to use your books to get customers OFF Amazon and onto your mailing list
  • Convert random traffic into subscribers
  • How to add 100+ ethical 5-star reviews to your books
  • How to double your profits by engaging your audience before selling
  • Build a killer launch team – recruit readers from your audience to promote you
  • Epic launch plan – proven launch templates to get to the Top of the charts
  • Scaling up – how to bring endless readers to your books and business with Facebook advertising.

Core Training

Module #1 – Rule the retailers

Module #2 – Drive endless traffic

Module #3 – Convert traffic into subscribers

Module #4 – Engage your audience

Module #5 – The ultimate launch template

Module #6 – Facebook: Profit on Auto-Pilot

Advanced Module (Interrogations with 6 successful authors)


Bonus #1 – Tools of the Trade

Bonus #2 – Six-figure swipe files

Bonus #3 – Q&A sessions

Bonus #4 – The 60-day author training

Advanced Module (Interrogations with 6 successful authors)


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Enroll In “Your First 10K Readers

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The Magic of the "7 Ideals" (beta)

The Magic of the "7 Ideals" (beta)

We are opening up a beta group so you can test a part of our methodology at no cost!

The main framework of the method is explained in detail

We also released the basic principles, the most important part, and the story of how we got here.


We are introducing a special form of live events that no one is using and that will help your brand thrive and impact the world.

Plus we have developed a revolutionary funnel strategy that is going to shake the marketplace. 

Become one of the first new-wave business owners that deliver a superior user experience due to our secrets.

LIMITED SPOTS (we kick off this month)


We'll explain everything in an upcoming webinar but in the meantime you can...


Book a 30' video-call interview on the next page, to help us understand where you are at your business right now, your needs and goals, and we will give you a detailed analysis of how the beta group works.

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Hope Writers -Instagram Writing Challenge

SHOUT OUT to writers & authors.

Finding space in our day to invest in writing is difficult, hard, sometimes exhausting.

But there is a way to create a regular rhythm that leads to a writing habit.

And there is a way to add accountability and make writing enjoyable too.

That's writing with others.


This amazing community of authors, Hope Writers, of which I am a member for 1.5 years now is organizing a 5-day writing challenge on Instagram and you can participate for free.

Clear the brain fog.

Discover your writing voice.

Find unparallel confidence in sharing your words.

Have fun with like-minded writers in a live event.

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