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Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint

What if no matter where you are in your life and your business, there was a way for you to share your own or others’ skills, expertise, and life experiences to help people go faster and get paid handsomely for it?

Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson

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The most important news of the decade

Last year, they broke the internet with over 200,000 attendees

This year, we had a new insane record

What exactly is the “Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint” training program? Is there potential? Are Dean and Tony the right guides that can show you the “right” way? Is it worth the money? Is there anything else you need?

These are just a few of the questions going through your mind right now. So, here I am, to answer all the questions you might have and to guide you to make a well-informed decision.

The Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint is included in our ELITE list. These are the TOP marketing/business related programs that can help you build a successful career online immediately.

I carefully tested hundreds of similar programs since 2015 and I’m presenting you the best of the best.

These programs apply the “Earn while you Learn” training formula and you’ll get to put theory into practice from day 1.

Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint

Answering All Questions

tony robbins, dean graziosi, russell brunson live training


In a nutshell, the Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint course by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi is a step-by-step blueprint to help people use their skills and expertise (or someone’s else skills), share their message with the world, and get paid for doing so.


KBB is only available once in a year, the registration doors open up for a limited time, usually 7-10 days.

Ideal Audience – Who is it For

  • Marketers
  • Coaches
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Practitioners
  • Small business owners
  • Solopreneurs
  • Influencers
  • Experts
  • People with a passion
  • People with a following
  • Anyone with a message
  • Anyone with experience on a field

This program is for you if:

  • You’re an expert who wants to extract your knowledge, make an impact and share for a profit. 
  • You’re the person looking for a way to generate a new income while making an impact by being a knowledge broker and partnering up with an expert. 
  • You’re the person wanting to become the reporter of other people’s expertise like Tony did with Money Master The Game book.

Dean Graziosi’s Background

He’s one of the most respected entrepreneurs of our generation. With a billion dollars in sales to his name, Dean is paid tens of thousands of dollars for just hours of his time.

Dean wants to make self-education the new norm in this information age.

dean graziosi

He is the creator and founder of Motor Millions and Think A Little Different, both of which are successful business-opportunity infomercials that teach people how to make money with cars and real estate. He has been on TV every day since 1999 and has shipped a total of over one million manuals, tapes, and videos. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

According to his official biography:

Dean Graziosi knows how to create success. From extremely humble beginnings Dean started with a firewood business in high school, to a collision repair shop and his first real estate deal before the age of 20. From there he went on to create a multimillion-dollar real estate business, became a Multiple NY Times best-selling Author, 16 years every day on TV and is one of the most watched real estate and success trainers of our generation. Dean maximized the success and profits in each of these endeavors along with his evolution and his businesses and brand have generated nearly $1 Billion Dollars in revenue. Dean is obsessed with sharing the Success Habits learned along this journey with the world.

He’s also the author of books like:
  • Millionaire Success Habits
  • Totally Fulfilled
  • 30 days to real estate cash
  • Be a real estate millionaire
  • The Underdog Advantage
He’s also the creator of courses like:
  • Real estate profits from home 
  • Underground millionaire mastermind
  • The DG inner circle

Tony Robbins Background

Tony is one of the world’s most sought after success coaches and educators – filling arenas with hundreds of thousands of people annually while changing millions of lives. 


He is an American best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, life coach, and the nation’s #1 life and business strategist. Robbins is known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books including Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. In 2015 and 2016 Robbins was listed on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list.

He has dedicated his life to helping people discover their true purpose and leverage their unique gifts to achieve massive success – to make their life a true masterpiece. If you’re feeling stuck, or unsure of your next step, Tony will lead you to clarity, focus, and action.

Mr. Robbins has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through his audio, video, and life training programs.  He created the #1 personal and professional development program of all time, and more than 4 million people have attended his live seminars.

He is the chairman of a holding company comprised of 40 privately held businesses with combined sales exceeding $5 billion a year. He has been honored by Accenture as one of the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World”; by Harvard Business Press as one of the “Top 200 Business Gurus”; and by American Express as one of the “Top Six Business Leaders in the World” to coach its entrepreneurial clients. Fortune’s recent cover article named him the “CEO Whisperer,” and he has been named in the top 50 of Worth Magazine’s 100 most powerful people in global finance for three consecutive years.

Russell Brunson’s Background

Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.


He’s been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, and other similar channels.

In college, Russell had his first success as an online marketer selling potato gun DVDs. This small business hobby became an obsession and launched Russell into the world of Internet Marketing, where he quickly became one of the top marketing minds in the world. Within a year of graduating college, he’d made his first million dollars selling his products.

He’s also the author of books like:

  • DotCom Secrets
  • Expert Secrets
  • Funnelhacker Cookbook

The Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint

The Doors Are Finally Open

Don’t Miss Our Full Bonus Package And Create The Mastermind Business Of Your Dreams

The Main Advantages of this Business Model

  • Low-cost entry
  • Minimum operating costs
  • Massive potential, no limits on profits
  • Lucrative (you can charge $1,000’s or even $10,000’s)
  • Work from home
  • You’re targeting the whole population
  • Timetable flexibility
  • Recurring income
  • No need for employees
  • Scalability, unlimited partnerships

What You’ll Learn

Extract Your Knowledge

  • What it takes to succeed, secrets to scale, what to expect
  • Discover your expertise and ideal client
  • The story and teach tool model – the triangle model to a perfect mastermind
  • Tools to use for your events
  • Creating your agenda – with the help of MindMint, create a bulletproof agenda for your event with drag and drop capabilities

Fill Your Events

  • Becoming a marketing expert – philosophy of an event, the hook, story, close (selling framework)
  • Event Funnel Blueprint – anatomy of a sales page, good vs bad pages, how to know what to charge for your events
  • Marketing Wagon Wheel – platforms to use and how to use them (Facebook, YouTube, social media, partners, affiliates, email)
  • Application & Order pages – pre-built webpages you can model for your events
  • The Launch Secrets – learn what Dean, Tony, and Russell took decades to find out and launch your event the right way

Run Your Events

  • Perfect Mastermind Formula – the psychology of running an event and the blueprint to running yours
  • Virtual Events Checklist – exactly what to do and how to do it
  • Perfect in-person event – checklist for location, attendee communication, event logistics, what to print, what to do
  • Final Steps – the entire process step-by-step to a perfect event

Knowledge Broker

  • Knowledge Broker Formula – what it means to be a broker, getting the yes and how to create a business around brokering someone else’s knowledge. The same concept Tony did with Jim Rohn.

What You’ll Get

MindMint Software

  • Consolidate expenses into one – design, accept payments, and fulfill all with one system
  • Event Builder – build an event from scratch using the structure for the perfect event formula
  • Wisdom extractor – build your agenda in 15 minutes with drag and drop visual capabilities to customize every event with unique tools
  • Website builder – done for you marketing with pre-built pages, pre-written emails, and both application and sales-type funnels
  • Customer tracking and sales – beautifully built CRM to track and charge customers for each event
  • Predesigned checklists – get both visual and in-person pre-loaded event checklists so you don’t miss a thing and have the perfect event
  • Integrations – automate your work, integrate with over 1300 websites and applications

Training Material

6 Modules – 60+ Detailed Videos and Other Training Material (Real Value $5,000)

The upgraded KBB 2.0 course is divided into 6 modules.

  • Module 01 – Mindset Mastery
  • Module 02 – Extraction & Discovery
  • Module 03 – Marketing Mastery
  • Module 04 – Generating The (Right) Leads
  • Module 05 – Running Your Event With Confidence
  • Module 06 – Knowledge Consultant & Reporter

Every module is divided into lessons, and every lesson is divided into sessions.

Each lesson has videos and other training material, at the end of every lesson, there is a quiz that students need to pass in order to unlock the bonus content. There are action steps, tools, downloads, audio, and transcripts. Also, there are achievements, or in other words, badges.

For example:

You’ll have to answer questions like:

  • If you look back on the last 12 months in your business, what were the biggest needle movers? What made the biggest impact on your business, finances, and life?

Or you’ll get action steps to follow like:

  • Record 5-7 riffs on your phone over the next week.

You also earn points and credits to unlock even more amazing bonuses inside the training area, like power moves and special videos.

But what this structure really does is that it keeps you motivated to move forward.

This will keep you excited and you’ll want to learn more. 

Module 01 – Mindset Mastery

Lesson 01 – 5 keys to constantly progress & avoid failure

Session 01 – Keys 1 & 2 – feed and condition your mind and body

Session 02 – Keys 3 & 4 – your role model & powerful proximity

Session 03 – Key 5 & bonus key – massive action & reciprocity

Lesson 02 – Transformational vocabulary – global metaphors, scaling success

Session 01 – what transformational vocabulary means to your next level

Session 02 – global metaphors you must know 

Session 03 – what does it take to succeed?

Session 04 – mindset to scale your business

Lesson 03 – Must have “Millionaire success habits”

Session 01 – exposing your inner villain

Session 02 – killing the inner villain

Session 03 – unleashing your inner hero

Lesson 04 – How to design a talk or course that will influence

Session 01 – BEND & WIMP questions

Session 02 – football field communication or influence

kbb 2.0 course outline 01

Module 02 – Extraction & Discovery

Lesson 01 – Your expertise and ideal client

Session 01 – discovering your superpower

Session 02 – identifying your ideal client

Session 03 – the narrow your niche tool

Lesson 02 – Story, Teach, Tool

Session 01 – the secret art of storytelling

Session 02 – extracting what to teach

Lesson 03 – Your toolbox – part 1

Session 01 – the clarity tool

Session 02 – the intro card (who I am & what I do)

Session 03 – seven levels deep

Session 04 – I know I’m being successful when

Session 05 – your not-to-do list

Session 06 – the needle movers

Lesson 04 – your toolbox – part 2

Session 01 – the spotlight tool (full focus help)

Session 02 – the success loop

Session 03 – the one big thing

Session 04 – negotiation secrets

Session 05 – ideas worth doing (what’s worth your time?)

Session 06 – the connections tool (connect to scale)

Session 07 – the wrap-up tool (finish up strong)

Module 03 – Marketing Mastery

Lesson 01 – Becoming a marketing expert

Session 01 – marketing & sales redefined

Session 02 – mastermind marketing philosophy

Session 03 – hook, story, close

Lesson 02 – Story, Teach, Tool

Session 01 -website vs funnel

Session 02 – anatomy of a landing page

Session 03 – what to charge for your event

Session 04 – creating your first landing page

Lesson 03 – The different pages

Session 01 – the perfect order page

Session 02 – the perfect application page

Session 03 – creating your order & application page

Lesson 04 – The launch secrets

Session 01 – launch & evergreen

kbb 2.0 course outline 02

Module 04 – Generating the (right) leads

Lesson 01 – The wagon wheel of marketing

Session 01 – the marketing wagon wheel

Session 02 – copywriting to tie it all together

Lesson 02 – Your first 100 perfect fans with Rachel Miller

Week 1 to 3: setting the foundation

Week 4 to 6: gaining momentum

Week 7 to 10: your raving fan base

Lesson 03 – Social media & free traffic

Session 01 – social media secrets

Session 02 – crushing podcasts with JLD (John Lee Dumas)

Lesson 04 – Spending money on ads

Session 01 – The facebook blueprint

Session 02 – Youtube starter pack

Lesson 05 – What’s next to scale

Session 01 – email management basics

Session 02 – your beta launch with Stu McLaren

Module 05 – Running your event with confidence

Lesson 01 – The perfect mastermind formula

Session 01 – psychology of running a mastermind

Lesson 02 – Virtual event checklists

Session 01 – the art of a virtual event

Session 02 – setting up and running with Zoom

Lesson 03 – The perfect in-person event

Session 01 – your first in-person event

Session 02 – the location

Session 03 – the attendee communication

Session 04 – creating event assets

Session 05 – event logistics

Session 06 – final room prep

Session 07 – day of

Lesson 04 – Last steps & thank you

Session 01 – entire process step-by-step

Session 02 – thank you from Dean

Module 06 – Knowledge consultant & reporter

  • What it means to be a knowledge consultant
  • Getting to the YES
  • Knowledge reporter – Russell Brunson
  • A winning business


MindMint Software

  • Consolidate expenses into one – design, accept payments, and fulfill all with one system
  • Event builder – build an event from scratch using their structure for the perfect event formula
  • Wisdom extractor – build your agenda in 15 minutes with drag and drop visual capabilities to customize every event with unique tools
  • Website builder – done for you marketing with pre-built pages, pre-written emails, and both application and sales-type funnels
  • Customer tracking and sales – beautifully built CRM to track and charge customers for each event
  • Pre-designed checklists – get both virtual and in-person pre-loaded event checklists so you don’t miss a thing and have the perfect event
  • Integrations – the easiest way to automate your work, integrate with over 1300 websites and applications

The EXTRA WMS Bonuses $I let you price them

Bonus #1

A beautiful, professional, and highly-converting website (real value $1,000 – FREE for you) ONLY AVAILABLE DURING THE LAUNCH OF FEBRUARY-MARCH 2020

You need a strong online presence. Your website is your storefront and is responsible for bringing people in. WMS will develop a beautiful, professional, and effective website that builds trust so that prospects can engage with your offers. And when customers feel great, they become promoters of your brand.
What you’ll get for free:
  • Homepage
  • 2 Landing pages (products, services, shop, store, sales pages)
  • Sales page
  • Application page
  • About page
  • Team page
  • Blog page
  • Help page
  • Contact page
  • FAQ page
  • All the Legal Pages (terms & conditions, privacy policy, cookie policy, GDPR, disclaimer, credits)
  • A Premium Theme (choose from 80 different designs)
  • Premium Plugins (email optin, social sharing, and more)
  • A Language that Sells (copywriting)
  • Powerful marketing collateral
  • A Modern Website Focused on User Experience

Why You Should Take This Bonus Alone Very Seriously

No business can survive online without a website. If you go alone or use the website builder they provide, you’ll have to learn a ton of new things.

This is your ultimate chance to save valuable time to work on your products and services and have me teaching you how websites work.


I’ll develop a professional-looking, SEO friendly website with a strong marketing language that converts visitors into leads and customers.


Exclusively designed for Knowledge Business Blueprint

Life Coach – Masterminds and Workshops

Bonus #2

Last Year’s Offer: 1-Year Weekly Video-Call Intensive Private Training Sessions on Skype (1-hour each) 50+ Sessions (real value $ – FREE for you)

FEB 2020 (VALID TODAY) – 1-Year Weekly Video-Call Intensive Private Training Sessions on Skype (1-hour each) 50+ Sessions (real value $priceless – FREE for you)

Exclusive private training, coaching, and feedback: Business, marketing & advertising, sales

What you’ll get for free:

  • Unlimited Sessions of Intensive Private Training (each session 1-hour, every week)
  • Feedback on your work and progress with the KBB training
  • We’ll start digging your past to identify unique experiences that can be turned into an info-business
  • We’ll uncover your unique genius, what would you teach other people even for free if you had the time and willingness
  • We’ll identify needs people have and we’ll examine how you can build an info-product to fulfill their needs
  • We’ll create a big picture of your future for you to fully understand the potential of doing business online
  • You’ll understand what it takes to become a fully-equipped entrepreneur and how to stay motivated no matter what happens around you 
  • We’ll find an amazing way to overcome all your negative beliefs and inner demons
  • You’ll gain confidence and you’ll be able to recognize for yourself that you have what it takes to build an amazing business online and make an impact in other people’s lives
  • Niche selection, goal setting, future plan
  • Business coaching (entrepreneurial mindset, online business basics, running a website, business model components, analogs, antilogs, leaps of faith)
  • Marketing & advertising training (market research, keyword research, competition analysis, customer avatars, unique value proposition, emotional motivators, the customer purchase lifecycle, inbound methodology, content marketing, SEO, blogging, guest posting, native advertising, influencer outreach, relationships, lead generation, email marketing, local marketing, copywriting & persuasion, storytelling, outbound & guerilla tactics, advertising principles, press releases, paid advertising) and more
  • Sales strategies and tactics (cold calling principles, attitude, motivation, handling objections, setting appointments, follow-up, closing the deal, guerilla marketing)

Bonus #3

Unlimited email access and support for as long as you need it (lifetime) (real value $500 – FREE for you)

I want to make sure you get results with the KBB 2.0 training program

I want to make sure you understand how marketing works

I want to make sure you understand how businesses work

You may hit a wall at some point, and I’ll be there to motivate, inspire, and guide you

Nothing is more important than You reaching your goals

Bonus #4

Email Training & Vault (email marketing training, swipe files, campaigns, headlines that get clicks) (real value $500 – FREE for you)

Stay connected with people interested in your offers

Build trust and authority and nurture authentic relationships with your prospects

Turn prospects into loyal customers, turn loyal customers into promoters of your brand and gain genuine referrals

Retain existing customers


Get access to the vault (for the last 2 years, I carefully collected, compiled, and tested thousands of email campaigns, promotions, and headlines)

Now, I am giving you the best of the best to use them in your business and build a loyal fanbase.

Bonus #5

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (becoming a successful marketing publisher and letting others promote you) (real value $297 – FREE for you)

Since 2015, WMS as a marketing publisher helped hundreds of companies sell more of their products and services 

By becoming a publisher you tap into a multi-billion industry without having to own products

By running your own affiliate program you will be able to scale your business exponentially. All it takes is to provide quality services and let others know about it.

Bonus #6

Paid Advertising Mastery I will help you target the right prospects on all the major search engines and networks (real value $2,000 – FREE for you)

Paying for traffic is a lucrative strategy but involves high-risk

I will make sure you’re running ads that perform well and convert

  • Google Ads training
  • Bing Ads training
  • Facebook ads training
  • Twitter ads training
  • LinkedIn ads training
  • Pinterest ads training

Bonus #7

Detailed marketing/business plan for the course of a year based on the direction you’ll choose (niche) (real value $varies – FREE for you)

  • Content ideas, suggestions, mutual brainstorming, and more
  • Social networks to join
  • List of forums, communities, networks
  • List of affiliate networks to join and when to join each and every one of them
  • Affiliate networks communication (what to say before you get approved, after you get approved, if you don’t get approved)
  • Offline activities/promotions
  • Financial plan
  • and more


Advertising bundle to give you a massive competitive edge (real value $1,000 – FREE for you – never released before bonus pack)

  • 3 email drip campaigns (one campaign consists of multiple emails depending on the type of campaign, an email series)
  • 3 paid ad campaigns on Google (most targeted traffic you can get)
  • 3 special landing pages designed for the 3 paid ad campaigns

Bonus #9

A video trailer to explode your business (real value $have not priced them yet) ONLY AVAILABLE DURING THE LAUNCH OF FEBRUARY-MARCH 2020

To Get Your Bonuses Complete The Form On The Bonuses Page

All in all, KBB is a superb premium training that is complete, comprehensive, and brings results. The bonuses are extremely valuable, and don’t forget the EXTRA WMS Bonuses.

Dean and Tony have a 60+ years experience combined and they are masters of masterminds. They use ethical and powerful methods, delivering value all along without being pushy, salesy, or scammy.

You’ll get the mindset, the skills, the tools & resources, and an implementation plan.

Final Notice

If you’re not willing to take action and do the hard work that’s associated with this training, then this program is not for you.

And I have to tell you another thing, even more important. Every elite program is designed the same way. There’s no program that you just invest money and wait to get paid.

If you want something like this, then you have to look elsewhere. Virtual Coach and similar educational programs require you to work. You have to apply what you learn

I am here to help you, walk you through the training, and give you feedback. Join the KBB program and claim the extra WMS bonuses for free.

Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint Review

All the Truth

Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint STATISTICS

Billion Dollar Industry

Dollars Spent Every Second

Dollars Spent Every Minute

Dollars Spent Every Hour

Dollars Spent Every Day

Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint RATINGS

  • Training 95% 95%
  • Marketing Tools 95% 95%
  • Support 90% 90%
  • Forum, Community 90% 90%
  • Other Services 90% 90%


Final Score

Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint Pricing

Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint Guarantee

30-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

This course won’t work if you don’t work. But if for some reason you aren’t on your way to real success in the first 30 days, email KBB support and they will take care of your refund!

Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint Review

All the Truth

The Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint

The Doors Are Finally Open

Don’t Miss Our Full Bonus Package And Create The Mastermind Business Of Your Dreams

Enroll In Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint

And Unlock the Vault of WMS Bonuses

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The Magic of the "7 Ideals" methodology (beta)

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The main framework of the method is explained in detail

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We are introducing a special form of live events that no one is using and that will help your brand thrive and impact the world.

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