As I already mentioned in a previous post , whenever I come across with very suspicious products I won’t proceed with full reviews.These frauds keep repeating themselves so I think I will speed up the process by highlighting important facts and referring to other similar reviews.


These are all typical Bad Marketing Commercials – Too good to be True in All cases – Red Alerts Warning



Life Style Payments dot co – Mike Taylor


This one is a product for the garbage , there is nothing valuable in that page.They begin immediately to bombard you with bogus claims of success.It is announced as free but you will be disappointed at the end.It will cost you a $250 to open an account for their affiliated broker and this broker only.

The group behind the scenes is a syndicate of business analysts and software geeks that gathered for one purpose.To “Fish” as much people as they can with their ads all over the internet.

A software to generate millions of dollars for its members.Testimonials , fake screenshots of accounts and the rest of the usual tactics that black marketers use.

Don’t buy , stay away.A classical Binary Fraud.





Spider Profit dot com


Can you make $30K per week using their app?..Another scam is waiting for you , hopefully their main video is down.I will monitor for a few days more.



Binary App 810 – Insider John dot com – John Callaghan


John is standing outside the Banc De Binary building.He is about to be rewarded for the best trading software of the year.He was expecting to reach the top ten programs but he finally made it to the throne.His story , well , he was broke one year ago , and now he is of course rich.




Another program promising to return $10K up to $25K per week in profits on auto-pilot.That landing page is a typical scam alert territory.In your case I would proceed by exiting the website , it is your own call to invest or not.


Walter Green Free Money dot net System – Fast Cash dot biz  – Madison Clark , David Graham


Walter is a well know scammer from the Millionaire Blueprint product.Another software to make you rich quickly.Fancy accounts , video produced inside a luxury car , marketing tactics I really hate.They are impressive but they do not provide any value whatsoever.I would keep far away from this one.




Overnight Profits App – Gregory Leeds 


It redirects to Fast Cash dot biz or to Millionaires Blueprint.So I guess this is just another very bad product you don’t want to lose your money.




Harvard Signals dot com – Ron Trumann


Is it possible to predict the future?…The main slogan is appealing , I can assure you.He graduated from the Harvard of course , as one the best students.With his research team back in the college they were trading with Futures , Swaps and Options.

The software he is presenting is the outcome of 14 years of hard work.And the most important this solution comes absolutely free for you.

The most advanced Binary Options software in the market today.

The video production is a Sales Pitch commercial , full of claims and floating dollars.Mercedez benz sports cars , properties and the other well known material.At the end you will be asked to deposit their broker so they make their commission and you …

I would not invest on that software.As I Have already explained anything automated in the binary options market is suspicious and fraudulent.





These are the products I came across during the last days , I believe all are perfect examples of Bad Marketing Commercials.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts , as always.Till next time , your online partner.
















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How I Turned $31 Into a Multi-Figure Business

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