You're Reading:Bad Marketing Ads – Vol 03 – Paid Surveys At Home and more

Bad Marketing Ads – Vol 03 – Paid Surveys At Home and more

by Tasos


Nov 9, 2015



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The hurricane of awful marketing products continues as we move towards 2016.As I already have discussed in previous posts I am not going to spend much time analysing such opportunities.Simply because they do not deserve our attention and time.

But I am going to inform you of the bad opportunities you need to avoid.There are a lot of newcomers in this online marketing labyrinth that could easily be the perfect “Target” for “Hungry” entrepreneurs.


I am presenting you the Vol 03 – Bad Marketing Ads you have to Bypass in a Blink of an Eye



Paid Surveys At Home


The first bad marketing product for the week is the Paid Surveys at Home dot com.I am member on this site for about a month now and still I have not received any notification for a survey.May be they do not offer many surveys , but that is not the problem.

So what you mean?…They are promoting other crap products , this is the problem.

How it’s done?…Every day they send me one mail.This email contains one promotion.One promotion daily.



Quick Cash System


They are redirecting me to products like the Quick Cash System by Sarah Markel.Remember her?…they still advertising this product , I can’t believe it.A binary options fraud , a program that is promising you the heaven on your feet on autopilot.

That survey site is trying to make money out of people by promoting a binary scam.So what the heck is this survey site?..Would you expect from such a site to promote so irrelevant programs?…Believe it or not they do , they are affiliated with more bad productions …

Ready for more?..



30 day change


Another email from this survey site redirected me to the 30 day change opportunity which is an outright scam.A very typical binary software that does not exist.And you better not install any software coming from unknown untrusted third parties.It might be harmful for your site.Anyway , this product is only trying to get an affiliate commission from their broker.If you invest your $$$ they get a cut.





Cash Camp – Changing lives since 1999


The cash-camp dot net is trying to convince you that they operate since 1999.Yeah , right.I have not doubt.May be they mean that the idea was born back in 1999 and they managed to offer this product just now because their site is brand new.

A beautiful female will welcome you and she will make her best to trap you in a spider’s web.An expensive video production accompanied with relaxing music on the background.Stories of huge success and millions of dollars by marketing experts that do not exist.

Do not think of it , hit the escape button.You won’t regret it.


Google Trader


The gtradersoftware dot com is another software , an attempt to get you intrigued by their domain title and fall.Another binary fraud from the get go.

Their efforts are funny but they give all they got.One man is presenting himself as the CEO of this giant corporation.Since 2013 is trying to “Crack” the code , of Google.Why google?…Because Google knows everything.And he manages to crack it and gain thousands and millions of dollars.

Now what Google has to do with Binary Options?…Another incredible program , but I want to stay a little bit on their domain.

You see they name that website “grtrader” in order to bypass Google and then on their header they put a logo named “GoogleTrader”.Of course the Google letters are not a copy of Google’s logo but they want to target people with zero or little experience.

Black hat to the bone , do not fall , please stay away.


Millionaire Blueprint


I received more fantastic emails from that survey site , which is not a survey site at all.The survey is just a showcase to “Bombard” people with their emails.I have already reviewed the millionaire blueprint.Let us move to the next

The bad thing here is that this product is still out there on the market , I have watched many of their ads lately on various sites.


Profit Shiled


I got pointed out to check another amazing offer through that survey site and when I landed on the profitshield dot co landing page I knew it.Awful design , brand new site and a slogan that leaves no doubts of what is gonna be.

They say “the Global financial crisis is REAL..”... Is there any person in this world that is not familiar with that?..Oh , come on.

Of course they come to save this world with this superb production.A software to change your lives forever.

I tried to exit and I got stopped by their plugin , informing me that there is a super extra bonus.What it was?…What else?…

“Deposit $250 to our recommended broker to fund your account and start earning now”…

Bye bye



Insiders Information


And the last one for today goes out to insiders-information dot com.Their main headline … “How much money you make a day?”

And why they care so much about us and our financial position?…Of course to showcase their incredible offer.

Their video is very appealing and this is how they manage to fool and trick innocent victims.They make it seem like their website is featured on the news , they even displayed a log of the famous “Bloomberg Business”.


The guarantee and award signs and buttons are useless , not clickable and there their marketing efforts are lazy and deceiving.

Unethical to the bone , stay away , there is nothing there.




That’s it , we move forward faster , I hope you enjoyed another article , here in this new section of Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments as always.Till next time , your online partner.


How to Spot online scams?…Claim your free Infographic Guide here













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  1. venu m.r.datasolutions

    Maybe you’ve even tried to take some before, and didn’t make any money.

    The truth is, unless you know the correct paid survey companies to work with, you will NEVER make good money.

    Luckily for you, I’ve found all of the best paid survey companies for you, and created a list of all of the best ones!

    [affiliate link removed]

  2. Paul Myo

    Hey Tasos! This is Paul Myo.

    I’ve been a member of WA and the only thing I got is 7 referrals.
    After that 3 of them quit. and after 1 month another 3 didn’t come back. Now I’ve only one left.
    I don’t know why they left… I felt like I’m so tired to get even 1 referral.
    My WA website is still alive. You can see here [Link Removed by admin].

    Later on, I thought and decided to leave from WA and find another better way to make more
    money and faster.
    The biggest problem is I don’t have money to pay the Monthly fee anymore.
    I’ve tried lots of different programs. I think it’s around 13 programs including WA. Most of them are Monthly membership sites.

    One day, I received an email to my inbox. Actually I wouldn’t open that email. But I opened it.

    I really didn’t expect that I’ll get such a great opportunity in that email.
    I know what you are thinking right now… come on..
    I’m not scamming you.

    I spent the whole night on researching more information about that system. Of course, I was so skeptical just like you are right now 😉
    The name is “Four Corners Alliance Group”. Doesn’t matter if you have heard/tried of this system before, now is the perfect time to Start again…..

    [A Part of this message removed , unnecessary Links]

    Your friend,
    Paul Myo 🙂

    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog Paul

      Well , your site , the one that you say is promoting WA , is a site that you have not worked on really hard.You left it almost empty.In order to get visitors you need way more content that than.

      Sometimes no matter how hard we promote a company we might not get the results we expect.

      That is why we have to promote qualitative products and companies.

      That is why I am not promoting only WA.In fact there are so many legitimate and lucrative opportunities it would be pointless to count them here.

      I am not familiar with this product you mention , but if you believe in it and you promote it with passion you may succeed.I am not interested right now in your offer.

      Good luck to you too.Thank you for this visit and for sharing your thoughts here.


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