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Natasha Lane

Natasha is a web designer, lady of a keyboard and one hell of a geek. She is always happy to collaborate with awesome blogs and share her knowledge about IT, digital marketing and business trends via creating high-quality content

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Boosting Conversions in 2023 and Beyond: 7 Types of Content You Should Use

Conversions are the bread and butter of ecommerce and service-based brands. The seven types of content you should utilize in your digital marketing strategy in order to boost your conversions and keep your audience engaged.

Be Future-Ready: 6 Ways to Level up Your Marketing Game

Tech, consumer behavior, and marketing trends are forever changing. But you can prepare for the future by looking at current industry trends, keeping an eye out for emerging technologies, and continually growing your skillset.

7 Steps to Prepare Your Business for the AI and Automation Revolution

While AI and automation will become the norm, we need to take certain steps to get there. Instead of hurrying ahead, make sure you truly understand the specific benefits AI solutions will bring to your business.

The Future of Email Marketing: How to Optimize for Mobile Devices

Do you think methods such as email marketing are antiquated? It has been a tried and true practice of raising awareness and selling products since the times of fledgling internet, and…

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Enter the groundbreaking "Market Parallax" Model.

We explore consumer behaviour by employing a diverse array of techniques, including research methodologies, data collection and analysis, market segmentation, targeted approaches, product positioning, and trial testing. 

Through these marketing lenses, we unravel the intricate field of consumer behaviour and explore avenues for influencing it judiciously.

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