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As I already have posted I am investigating over 200 PTC and Revenue sharing sites.One newcomer is called ArgoBux.

Just after the sign up process I noticed many things that I did not like while using their services.

First of all their ads value is somehow suspicious.


What I mean…

Ads that worth $0.4  while at the same time on other legitimate PTCs the maximum for free members is set to $0.01 or $0.02.The duration of the advertisement that you have to watch is quite the same.

So , ArgoBux , a new PTC site offers ads that cost 40 times the amount of those found on Clixsense..

I am using Clixsense for months and my balance is around $7.30.

On ArgoBux after 2-3 days and only 62 clicks I have reached $5.60…hmmm…what you think?

….OK , let’s talk about some other interesting stuff







The RePurchase Balance Bonus



There is a bonus placed when you sign up , $4…But , there is a big problem , it can not be used in any way….Huh?

You can not use the repurchase balance to buy an upgrade for your membership.The upgrades can be purchased only via the payment processors….

And you can only add funds via payment processors only.You can’t even fund the repurchase balance from the main one….Very weird things….

The main balance is somehow useless as well….oh my…no , keep on reading



Withdrawal Policy



Let’s examine my screenshot.As you can see they are asking from us to fund our balance from payment processors first and then we will be able to withdraw money.






So what is the point in having a $4 bonus standing there?…..Teaser

And why a PTC site is asking for funds?…I clicked on the ads , I request money , NO , pay first and then we will see.Then don’t say it is a place for people to earn money by watching ads.Say , it is a place where we ask you to donate first and then we don’t know if we can pay you.


The first day after the sign up process the withdraw settings were totally different.It was a limit that we had to reach , it was set to $10.That means in a few days I would have reached it.And they changed it.


But it is pointless anyway , even if you reach 100 dollars they will ask you to fund 80 dollars first….Come on people , wake up



Final Words



  • Do not ever pay a PTC site first and do not buy an upgrade.
  • First they have to pay you to prove they are legitimate.
  • Reach the first payout threshold and withdraw the money….Period..
  • If they pay … come back and buy an upgrade at your own pace , do not rush.
  • And one more important thing , do not advertise your affiliate links and banners without getting paid first.You waste the time of others and yours.And you make them rich , some people will buy the upgrade without investigating for online reviews.


By the way , I found complaints online from others.Take a good look at one of those.





Stay away from them…just to be sure.





That’s it , another review has finished , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments , have you any experience with ArgoBux?…Then I would like to hear from you.Till next time , your online partner.
















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