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  • My Paying Coins: Feb 15, 2017. This is another HYIP that has nothing to contribute to the investing and cryptocurrency industry. I can see only luxurious promises.
  • BitAtm: Feb 14, 2017. In my eyes, it is another Ponzi HYIP that is solely dependent on affiliates and their investments. 
  • Hourly USD: Feb 12, 2017. This company is a “Fiasko”, I can’t describe it better. Save your hard-earned money.
  • Cryp Trade Capital: Feb 11, 2017. In my eyes we deal with yet another Ponzi, that is solely dependent on affiliates’ investments. This classic scheme uses fresh cash tp pay off existing investors. New members compensate older investors. Guess who is making the most profit here? The Anonymous owners.
  • RevenueAdShare: Feb 8, 2017. RevenueAdShare is just another Ponzi clone MLM program focused on ad packs and recruitment. There are no retail sales and all traffic/advertising services are distributed to registered members.
  • 160Pack: Feb 6, 2017. No rev share program can guarantee daily earnings for all members. Those programs are solely dependent on affiliates’ deposits. If no one is investing no one can get paid. It’s that simple, to answer what I promised at the beginning of this article. Even the admin admits that in the FAQ section.
  • CryptoPaidAds: Feb 5, 2017. I have to underline again that this company uses an obvious Ponzi structure to compensate affiliates with money invested from newly recruited members. At some point, all these programs die out because recruitment simply can not last forever. This is what happens when there are no retail products to bring in external cash.
  • EarnTech: Feb 3, 2017. EarnTech tried very hard to convince me and the rest of the world but failed. The reasons are many…
  • Banner Pays: Feb 2, 2017. A classic advertising company with a revenue-sharing model attached as an income opportunity. Each ad pack is bundled with ad credits but that is not an excuse for not being a “Ponzi”.
  • Skyllex: Feb 2, 2017. Enough with Skyllex, they did not convince me, not a little bit…disappointment. No knowledge, no trading experts, no facilities, no owners, no contribution to the finance world, no nothing.
  • BTCrising: Jan 30, 2017. If this was a crowdfunding platform for voluntary actions I would be able to donate to someone whenever I wanted, any amount of money. And simply no income plan would be in place. Why would a church or a non-profit organisation want to make money when all they want is to help others in need? This is not charity, this is a bitcoin exchanging fraud that will end up once recruitment of new affiliates will slow down.
  • Bahama Banker: Jan 12, 2017. This is the definition of the modern Binary Scams. There is no such software to win all the trades. High frequency has nothing to do with trading, it is not music. It is just a catchy expression that makes people dream. A dream that does not exist…
  • We Like Fund: Jan 11, 2017. We Like Fund is another pure Ponzi scheme that will exist for as long as affiliates purchase ad packs and recruit new people into the system. The so-called products are not real products for the retail market. And this is a huge problem that will lead to an inevitable mathematical countdown.
  • Bitluna: Jan 10, 2017. As the program has not launched yet it would be unfair to draw a conclusion. However, the first signs are not very positive. I tend to believe that Bitluna is another Ponzi scheme, that will use new funds from investors to pay off existing affiliates.
  • Profit Glitch: Jan 9, 2017. We deal with yet another awful program, a misleading presentation that targets newbies. In the worst case, the owner (the man who signs as Robert on the site) will grab your email address to bombard you with his upcoming crappy offers.
  • KeyRevenueAdz: Jan 8, 2017. No one can guarantee these high ROIs and no company can estimate the duration of the ad packs’ maturation. Because these systems need new fresh funds from affiliates in order to survive. If no new affiliates are being recruited (which is an inevitable result) no one can get paid.
  • Incomeex: Jan 7, 2017. Unfortunately, we deal with yet another company that is not contributing to the investment business niche. All I can see are fancy claims, a team supposed to be featured by industry experts with massive experience.
  • Profits4Us: Jan 5, 2017. First of all, it is an obvious bitcoin gifting program, even the admin mentions it. I believe this is a trend lately, more and more Bitcoin gifting programs come to life in order to steal bitcoins from people around the globe. In that case, the regulating agencies will have a hard time retrieving information from Bitcoin exchanges.
  • Vision BTC Limited: Jan 4, 2017. We deal with a very dangerous program. Vision BTC (Bitcoin Trading) claims that these extremely high ROIs are guaranteed. I say no one can do that for no reason. It is just a fancy way to attract investors.
  • PaidVeal: Jan 29, 2017. Do not take this program seriously as a money-making opportunity, better use it as an advertising platform to display your ads. But in that case, I believe you won’t be satisfied with the way it is operating.
  • T4eo: Jan 28, 2017. These programs are designed for the owners and friends. The vast majority of affiliates that invest like maniacs in ad packs and re-investing in the system all lose money in the end.
  • My Income Place: Jan 27, 2017. Very dangerous program, I suggest that you avoid it at all costs.
  • 2017 Invest & The Hourly Cash: Jan 25, 2017. This is why no company can ensure any ROIs, not even 0.001% daily. 2017Invest and TheHourlyCash talk about 3% hourly…Yeah, sure, we all be rich at the end of the month.
  • Lensen Group Limited: Jan 24, 2017. They mention that when you make a deposit they use 30% of your investment to pay off existing members. I say they use 100% as Lensen Group is just another Ponzi scheme that will eventually collapse.
  • FlexibleBux: Jan 24, 2017. Flexible Bux did not impress me at all. We deal with yet another poor advertising company that is not delivering quality services. On top of that FlexibleBux is a Ponzi mechanism that gets fed by affiliates and affiliates only.
  • AdvClix: Jan 23, 2017. There are no retail products for a healthy organisation. There is no external cash flow, only affiliates exchanging money.
  • My Crypto Profit: Jan 22, 2017. MyCryptoProfit promises a final 150% ROI on all ad packs. An illusion that is not based on anything solid. No one can guarantee ROIs, and the 5% daily interest is beyond reality.
  • Gulfs Investment: Jan 21, 2017. Well…I am not investing in ghost companies as I have already underlined a thousand times. In order to proceed with an investment of any kind I expect transparency, value, and reasonable ROIs.
  • NeoRevShare: Jan 20, 2017. We deal with yet another pure Ponzi scheme. All money coming into this company is funded by new affiliates. There are no retail customers of course as there are no retail products. And this is where the problem lies.
  • AdReceive: Jan 18, 2017. AdReceive has absolutely nothing new to offer in the advertising industry. A mediocre platform at best where no one is going to watch any ads as it is not a requirement in order to receive ROIs from the ad packs. The anonymous owners and the extremely high unrealistic ROIs make this program a very dangerous one.
  • Trust Bit Deposit: Jan 17, 2017. This website is full of red flags beyond the FAKE ROIs, which is the main reason why you should not invest in that company.
  • CPS Traders: Jan 16, 2017. A pure Pay to Play game that wants affiliates to purchase as much as they can in order to grant commissions on all levels. The monthly calculated memberships are very expensive and the commissions given are very poor.
  • After 50 Days: Jan 15, 2017. We deal with another Pure Ponzi scheme that is going to die soon. All money coming in the “After 50 days” company is new funds from recruited affiliates. These funds will be used to pay off existing investors. And this is when the problems begin.
  • SoftMeetBit: Jan 14, 2017. SoftMeetBit is just another HYIP clone of others. It’s a pure Ponzi scheme that was created in order to steal money from affiliates.
  • EverydayProfit.biz: Jan 13, 2017. Apart from the fact that this company is a big scam, I want to underline here that the vast majority of investing programs out there are pure Ponzi schemes.
  • Razzleton: Jan 2, 2017. A scam HYIP to attack affiliates’ investments. Have in mind that in the beginning, these kinds of programs might pay out small withdrawal chunks. But soon enough the owners will disappear with the majority of invested funds.
  • HFT Finance: Jan 1, 2017. A very cheap video production that lacks legitimacy. From beginning to end it is a brainwashing game to lure newcomers and novice traders into a labyrinth.
  • 154pack: Dec 31, 2016. For me, 154 Pack is just another pure Ponzi scheme that is solely dependent on affiliates’ funds. These funds are being used to pay off existing investors and to explain the ROIs. I am sure that more than 98% of 154 Pack revenue is funds from affiliates investing in ad packs.
  • Crypto Capital Alliance: Dec 30, 2016. Obviously, this is another Ponzi HYIP scheme, trying to attract as many affiliates/investors as they can with their promising investment packs and the MLM pay plan.
  • Unicorn Adz: Dec 29, 2016. We deal with yet another MLM matrix cycler. I have to disappoint you, these programs do not work. At least not for everyone. They work only for the owners who hold multi top positions in every matrix and get the most of funds.
  • Chevron Funds Limited: Dec 27, 2016. Yes, it is a money-making opportunity with which you might make a profit. But also have in mind that you risk losing your invested funds. No one can guarantee earnings from these risky plans.
  • My Paying Crypto Ads: Dec 25, 2016. Apart from the quality advertising services, the company can not justify the Ponzi structure in which both of the 2 platforms operate. All money coming in MPA and MPCA is new funds from recruited affiliates and are being used to pay off existing earlier investors.
  • Clicking Venue: Dec 24, 2016. As with all advertising revenue-sharing platforms investing in ad packs is a risky method to make a profit. No one can guarantee the ROIs and the maturity dates. Because all these programs are solely dependent on affiliates’ recruitment and purchases.
  • MMM Global: Dec 23, 2016. The propaganda created on the official website shows the real intentions of their owners. Attracting investments with their high return promises that hypnotise newbies to deposit their hard-earned cash.
  • Lexington Code: Dec 22, 2016. No company in the world is asking beta testers to pay in order to participate in research. These 25 free spots make no sense at all. The video is just a repetition of the same old scam formula that known binary filthy marketers use.
  • My 24 Hour Income: Dec 21, 2016. Another MLM revenue-sharing ad platform that you better avoid.
  • Traffic Sec: Dec 20, 2016. They have nothing to offer, just ad packs with ad credits, exactly at the fingertips of the 99% of modern ad platforms. A pure Ponzi scheme that is about to collapse as they are not paying their members at the moment. The final countdown has begun.
  • Blue Chip Laboratory: Dec 20, 2016. We deal with a revenue-sharing project, an HYIP program with an MLM pay plan in place. What I can discern is a cheap Ponzi structure making this HYIP company yet another very dangerous investment. I bet all money from affiliates is being used to pay off existing investors. No real value, no products, nothing at all.
  • Tesler App: Dec 19, 2016. Unexpectedly all these 100% free offers require from you to deposit at least $250 to open an account with their recommended brokers of course. Filthy unregulated brokers support these scams in order to make money out of you.
  • Kissing Cash: Dec 18, 2016. All money coming into this company is from affiliates that purchase ad packs. There are no retail products for a sustainable operation. A pure Ponzi scheme that will collapse when recruitment of new affiliates will slow down. And this slow-down process has already begun with that site.
  • TheAdsTeam: Dec 17, 2016. Recruitment of new affiliates can not last forever. So new money won’t be rolling in, and even with all existing players re-investing in more ad packs the system will collapse leaving the late investors with losses.
  • Wall Street Focus Group: Dec 14, 2016. A hidden tech team is developing software for 10 years, all of them financial analysts and experts. But now they want to release the software to the public, the minute they can use it forever, themselves.
  • Traffic Network Ads: Dec 14, 2016. This is a very common tactic with all Ponzi scheme owners that don’t want to reveal anything. A well-covered exit plan is in place for the moment that the website will be taken down. More importantly, you can not ask for money back.
  • Obcasio: Dec 13, 2016. Don’t chase a dream that does not exist. Yes, you can be a millionaire even online, but as with all the jobs out there you have to work for it. Nobody is giving away any magic software, no one can guarantee anything.
  • My Cycler: Dec 13, 2016. There are no retail products of course, and the ad credits bundled along with the matrix positions won’t save the day. The key thing is that all money coming in My Cycler is money from new investors/affiliates and is being used in order to pay off existing investors/affiliates. A classic Ponzi scheme in its simplest form.
  • Turbo Cycler: Dec 12, 2016. A pure cash (bitcoin here) gifting scheme that is born in order to feed the multi positions the owner holds. When someone joins the program and pays (donates) 0.03 BTC to their upline…money that is going straight to the owner’s pocket.
  • GetMyAds: Dec 11, 2016. This company does not even try to cover the Ponzi structure under which is operating.
  • 10AdsPay: Dec 9, 2016. Although the company is delivering credits with every ad pack purchase it is clear that we deal with another Ponzi structure. The SEC has confirmed that ad credits are irrelevant to the nature of a company’s operation.
  • PaysForEver: Dec 8, 2016. Well, this is not what I call an “innovative program”. It is just a classic pyramid/ponzi scheme where the only thing you can do to make money is to recruit people like a maniac.
  • Dowerly: Dec 8, 2016. Generally, I do not recommend these opportunities for newcomers. Because if you are looking to make money online and you start with an investment of that kind you may lose your money and get disappointed.
  • Royce Code: Dec 7, 2016. The totally free offer costs $250 for you to join. You are obliged to open an account with the Royce Code recommended broker, and that only, so that the team behind this scammy video production will make an affiliate commission out of your hard-earned money.
  • AdPays.club: Dec 6, 2016. Do not gamble with your money, only from time to time, and deposit no more than you can afford to lose.
  • Profits Eternity: Dec 4, 2016. Do not believe every fancy story out there. Legitimate companies will try to educate you, give you samples, and offer you free trials.
  • MyProTraffic: Dec 2, 2016. This is called a Ponzi scheme and is a method used by shady entrepreneurs to fool people with high ROI promises.
  • ZarFund: Dec 1, 2016. A typical Ponzi system feeds older investors with money coming in solely from early affiliates with no products sold to the retail market. And will vanish because recruitment can not last forever.
  • Automata Formula: Nov 28, 2016. If you use the software do not be surprised if you watch your account go empty.
  • Profit Replicator App: Nov 26, 2016. A simple plugin to give random signals and make you believe that is actually working. But if you use it you will watch your account go empty in the blink of an eye.
  • WindProject.biz: Nov 24, 2016. Is the Wind Project company going to use funds coming for the sale of electricity? or is this just another Ponzi scheme that compensates old investors from the deposits of new members? Likely, the latter.
  • DubaiLifestyleApp: Nov 20, 2016. Have you ever seen beta testers pay to use software from companies that want to test them out? revolutionary way.
  • PlenitudeFormula: Nov 19, 2016. Again you are forced to sign up with the recommended broker of the owner and deposit $250 in order to create an account. So this way they will make an affiliate commission out of your spending.
  • OnassisAlliance: Nov 13, 2016. They present you with a lifestyle, with paid actors that are millionaires and now they want to share their secret of success with us. Well, it is not like that.
  • ZenTrader: Nov 9, 2016. This is how scammers act, they want you to sign up with their recommended broker so they can make affiliate commissions out of you. This is how they make money out of innocent people. Decent companies let you use any account you want.
  • Gemini2: Nov 7, 2016. If I had to fund every broker out there you imagine how many $250 I would have lost by now.
  • ZeusInvestments2: Nov 5, 2016. This was another Hollywood scenario to trap innocent people that want to get started with Binary trading. Do not believe in such bogus claims, no one wants to turn you into a millionaire just like that.
  • CloudTrackTrader: Oct 28, 2016. Cloud Track Trader had nothing to offer than promises of a luxurious life…Apart from that, nothing. Where is the training? Where is the knowledge? Disappointment.
  • OrionCode: Oct 26, 2016. No, I want to make another deal, Mr. Millionaire. If you want so desperately to help people in need, why don’t you send me $250 out of your pocket? I don’t need your millions, I just want $250. Donate $250 to 1000 poor families, if you want to make a real difference. But, that is way too hard, I know…
  • Disrupt Trading: Oct 21, 2016. Beyond the fake video testimonials that can be bought with a lousy fiver on Fiverr, the incredible claims of making thousands of dollars from day one…
  • Blazing Trader: Oct 13, 2016. The same scam over and over again. Do not get so easily deceived. Stay away and if you want to become a successful binary options trader, then start educating yourself.
  • Polygraph Millionaire: Oct 11, 2016. There is no software to dominate in such a way the trading markets. If it was it would be the invention of the centuries.
  • Instant Cash Club: Oct 9, 2016. Stay away.
  • Playboy Millionaire James Benson: Oct 6, 2016. Do not believe that you can make money so easily. Money can be made with binary options trading but only if you are an experienced player. Even these players do not always win. Stay away from automated systems that promise to trade for you.
  • QuattroBot: Oct 3, 2016. This is the same technique all the binary robot scams are using and I find it very appealing but is far from making you rich.
  • Drexel Code: Sep 26, 2016. Do not believe that there is software that does not lose a trade and more importantly that is offered for free. If this was the case they would not announce it, they would have kept it secret till their death.
  • Brooks Blueprint: Sep 24, 2016. Steven Brooks presents a binary trading robot that promises to deliver only winning trades. Well, that is practically impossible and moreover, Binary Options is not a market for inexperienced gamblers.
  • Terabit Trader: Sep 20, 2016. It is a new era of Binary Options Trading Scams. An era of new technology miracles, incredible speed in data transfer, and no losses when trading.
  • Millionaires Biz: Sep 9, 2016. Do not believe that there is software to make you a millionaire in a few weeks. If someone invents such a system he won’t advertise it. They will keep it for themselves.
  • Cash Formula: Aug 30, 2016. The same old story. The script is a little different but the purpose is the same. To make you deposit your account with the broker so they can make commissions out of you.
  • Quantum Code: Aug 27, 2016. Do not believe that there is a software that can make you rich. Do not expect to find a magic bullet that solves everything on auto-pilot. Stop the madness. Money can be made online, but you have to work
  • Commhubb: Aug 11, 2016. It is funny to the bone, never join such opportunities no matter how fancy they may seem. Disappointment. But I have already analyzed the reasons behind those bad entrepreneurial attempts.
  • Mobile Binary Code: Aug 5, 2016. This program is no different than other binary options trading scams like Sarah Markel’s Quick Cash System.
  • Market Buster App: Jul 20, 2016. Fake promises. There is no program in the world that can dominate the stock market.No one can guarantee that kind of ratios , this is just a hook to trap you and pay the entrance fee of $250 and so that they can grant an affiliate commission.
  • FutureAdPro: Jun 10, 2016. Bad program.
  • Our Traffic Pays: Jun 9, 2016. Bad opportunity.
  • Capital Provision: Jun 7, 2016. This site is fake, they target only your pocket. Stay away by all means.
  • RevenueCentral: Jun 6, 2016. Bad platform.
  • GrandRevShare: May 30, 2016. Not a promising opportunity.
  • MXRevShare: May 16, 2016. It reminds me of Traffic Monsoon, Buxept and other similar ad networks. Stay away!
  • VerifiedTrader: Apr 21, 2016. Avoid it at all costs.
  • Push Money App: Apr 6, 2016. This program is awful , avoid it at all costs , just to be sure and to save your money.
  • Ad2Prosper: Mar 23, 2016. A Ponzi program that has an expiry date.
  • TheMillionaireMaker: Oct 17, 2015. Don’t trust sites that leave you in the dark with no real information , detailed information on how their system work.This program is no different than Larry’s Cash Machine , Millionaires Blueprint or the Quick Cash by Sarah Markel.
  • Push Button Salaries: Oct 10, 2015. Where should I start?…I have been discussing about that subject , a lot lately , as these new binary offers are endless , literally.
  • Bonus Busters: Oct 6, 2015. A very poor product inside the Clicksure affiliate network
  • Auto Profit Replicator: Oct 4, 2015. What can I say, disappointment. “Automated Binary Industry”
  • Binary Backdoor: Oct 3, 2015. P.S Do not deposit money when a webpage is filled only with a video full of sales shouts. Investigate for further content. You need to find tons of free information.
  • Gold Digger Trade: Oct 4, 2015. a recent post I published , that summarises this situation , on the Automated Software Systems.
  • 50K Mission: Sep 26, 2015. Another binary fraud is added to the already extended catalogue.
  • Million Dollar Duplicator: Sep 30, 2015. A bad program on Clicksure.
  • TheFiveMinuteExperiment: SCAM
  • Millionaire Blueprint: Sep 17, 2015. Oh my, really do you believe such stories?
  • 30DayChange: Sep 14, 2015. Another Epic Scam like Sarah MarkelOz Robot , Mr Williamson and more.
  • Larry’s Cash Machine: Sep 12, 2015. Exaggerated claims.
  • Penny Stock Sniper: Jul 21, 2015. I can’t believe how they let such poor products enter their affiliate networks market.These exact products are driving these huge networks to a shut-down….Misery for Clickbank.
  • OZ Robot: Jul 14, 2015. SCAM.
  • Euro Millionaire System: Jun 18, 2015. Not a good opportunity.
  • Great Profit Formula: June 01, 2015. Magic software, stay away.
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The Magic of the "7 Ideals" methodology (beta)

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