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Amazing Selling Machine Review – High-Quality Training, Updated Courses

by Tasos


Apr 26, 2015


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6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



The Future Belongs to Small Businesses

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A systematic and structured approach to developing and implementing proprietary and custom-made strategies, processes, and campaigns for small businesses and startups.

It’s a methodology specifically designed to help you compete efficiently in the overcomplicated marketplace.

It’s a proprietary system that looks at your business as a whole and gives you a clear path – a roadmap to follow – a solid and flexible strategy and action plan.

It involves a set of principles, processes, models, frameworks, tactics, and techniques that you can use to achieve and surpass your business goals and objectives.

It’s not just a methodology to promote your products and services, that’s only one tiny aspect. It’s a methodology that helps you design, run, manage, and grow businesses. From an initial idea to becoming a leading name in your respective industry and beyond.

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 I want to welcome you to another review of WebMarketSupport. Today we will be discussing an e-commerce opportunity that is very popular online. Inside the Amazing.com website and in the free membership area there is a 4 video series explaining how you can leverage your own e-commerce business in partnership with Amazon. The co-founders guide us step-by-step to build an Amazon Seller Central account and give instructions and insights for the operation and growth of this particular business model.

Amazing Selling Machine Review


The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is a training program created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback teaching aspiring online entrepreneurs how to sell and co-operate with the largest US online retailer. Everybody knows Amazon, anyone that has purchased a product online crossed paths with this giant retailer. I personally use Amazon quite often to get presents, electronics, books, compact discs, and other products for over 15 years. I never had any problem whatsoever with the shipments or payments.

Amazon has gained huge recognition throughout the world for its product quality, fast deliveries, accurate shipments, and excellent customer support. Amazon makes billions of dollars in profit every year and thousands of retailers, producers, manufacturers, traders, and affiliates work as partners with this corporation.

Lately, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, became the richest man in modern history.

So what exactly is this Amazing Selling Machine opportunity.?

..In a nutshell ASM helps you create your own brand of physical products that you will be buying from producers or manufacturers from anywhere in the world and you will be promoting and selling through Amazon. This can be done from the comfort of your home using your computer and an internet connection (of course, there will be trips and other costs associated).



Free Online Videos


In the 1st video Matt & Jason are introducing Amazon and present a clear diagram of their unique partnership model.





They recommend that you start with the Amazon.com platform instead of the other Amazon platforms like Amazon (UK), (Australia), (Germany), (Japan), and others because Amazon.com is the fastest. With this video comes a pdf document explaining in depth the procedure of registering an Amazon seller account, the verification, and the final creation of your brand. No matter where you live in the world you can start up this kind of business.

Although Amazon.com has restrictions and a certain Approved Bank List according to specific countries Matt & Jason provide solutions for people living outside of this List and they interpret how to set up a bank account and validate a mailing address that you need in order to create your seller partnership account.

The video includes live examples to help us choose hot Amazon product opportunities and how we can use those as examples and formulas for our business. Fully detailed and highly professional, this video goes deep inside the Amazon operation and cites the best product scopes based on keyword research, content, imagery, and final presentation. They highlight the most important criteria that a physical product and its presentation must have in order to achieve a successful and profitable lifecycle.

Tips for the Right Supplier


They examine exclusively the market potential on how to find the right supplier for our products. How to research the most suitable suppliers with the help of the internet, how to get in contact with them through some contact templates, how to order samples and review them to find out if the product meets your brand’s criteria, and how to place your first inventory order. Another detailed video production that won’t leave you with many unanswered questions.

They examine the unique trading opportunity that Internet offers and they compare this business model with the trading business of the past decade in which you were obliged to own warehouses, shipping equipment, managers, and staff throughout the world and a lot of money to invest. I totally agree at this point and this kind of international trading was one of the most expensive and risky investments. But things have changed and will continue to change with the development of technology.




Listing Launch Formula 2.0 – Tools & Testimonials


Now they reveal how to launch your new product on Amazon, how to create Amazon ads, get category rankings and eventually bring traffic to your offers in order to make sales. They investigate the whole setup for the product and how to begin a marketing campaign to target potential buyers. Where to get reviews for your product and how to use ads and other methods for the acquisition of valuable online traffic to your Amazon seller listings.

Ultimately they represent video testimonials of successful participants with the Amazing Selling Machine Business Model and they also underline that the doors are closing soon.

The Momentum Learning Method


Their online training program gives you the opportunity to participate in a supportive community of premium members that can help you along the way. Let’s illustrate the most important points of the 8 Modules Program.




  • Why start with Amazon
  • Setting up your business name
  • Creating an Amazon seller account
  • Picking a product of the hot products opportunity based on specific criteria
  • Building your hot product opportunity list
  • Choose your top 3 starting product opportunities


  • Finding and working with Suppliers
  • Researching suppliers for the top 3 products we chose
  • International product sourcing
  • Contacting Suppliers
  • Supplier follow up
  • Choosing your best product option
  • Selecting suppliers & Ordering product samples


  • Evaluating product samples
  • Choose the best supplier
  • Create a brand name for your business
  • How to get the best price and terms from that supplier
  • The lighting live method (how to get your 1st product selling as quickly as possible)
  • Finding the best-performing keywords for your product
  • The 4-part rapid Amazon product listing setup (Crafting the perfect product title – Writing an irresistible product description – Creating Attention-Grabbing product images)
  • Grabbing your piece of Amazon real estate
  • Placing your 1st inventory order




  • 6-step listing jump start system
  • Release product series
  • Free product promotion with the Alliance
  • Building social proof with a Facebook brand page
  • Your 1st product promotional video
  • Create your product brand website in less than an hour
  • Getting 5-star reviews with Active Loop


  • Listing Launch Formula 2
  • Getting your 1st product reviews
  • Amazon sponsored ads
  • Promotion tool
  • Leverage your reviews
  • Igniting rapid growth with a discount promotion and more


  • Running your business (seller operations overview)
  • The daily seller checklist
  • When to reorder inventory
  • The brand enhancement blueprint (Create a brand logo)
  • Premium packaging options from the supplier
  • Hiring a designer for custom packaging design
  • Give the supplier the final packaging design for production
  • Preparing for frustration-free packaging for the future
  • Placing your enhanced inventory order
  • plus bonus – The power of package inserts


  • Ultimate sales accelerator
  • Velocity sales boost
  • Building your product launch list
  • Leverage top Amazon reviewers
  • Advanced Amazon-sponsored ads
  • URL boosting
  • Re-optimizing your product listing


  • Outsourcing your business for massive growth and the ultimate freedom
  • Getting started with outsourcing
  • Hiring your first outsourcing employee
  • Managing your team
  • Scaling the business (when to add new products)
  • Product launch checklist
  • Expanding and diversifying your traffic sources
  • Expanding internationally
  • Expanding your product empire beyond Amazon


Web-Based Software & Tools

1) Active Loop (emails, customer experience, getting 5-star reviews)

2) A private electronic network called the Alliance (promotion tool) and additional tools like a press release tool – product watchdog – HTML compressor- profit calculator – URL booster

3) The community – other amazing selling machine members already selling on Amazon that will support us

4) The team – proved graduates of this program for 1-1 support along the way – the ASM mentors


What’s Included


The ASM creators proceeded with a 5th time complete overhaul. They updated and created from scratch all the lessons, all the videos, and all the strategies.

Members will get:

  • The brand new 8-week online web class ($9,997 value)
  • Access to the private ASM mentor program ($4,997 value)
  • Lifetime access to the private and exclusive members’ community ($1,997 value)
  • The upgraded private resource vault ($9,997 value)
  • Special bonus #1 ($1,597 value)
  • Special bonus #2 ($997 value)
  • Special bonus #3 ($797 value)


Examples of Courses


Top Rated:

  • Brand Genesis (Case Study) by Matt Clark
  • Amazon FBA: a step-by-step guide to picking and listing a product with a live example by Erik Rogne
  • eCommerce: Product to Profit by Bill D’Alessandro
  • The eCommerce blueprint by Ben Hebert & Roy Krebs


  • Advanced product marketing on Amazon by Mike McClary
  • Amazon conversion maximizer by Karyn Thomas
  • Copy command by Franklin Cole
  • Amazon sponsored ads, from basic to pro by Philip Jepsen


  • Retail arbitrage fast track by Christie Nachtrab
  • App start-up by Andreas Kambanis
  • Amazon barcodes and brand registry by Christie Nachtrab


  • The insider blueprint to Sourcing from China by Mark Houng
  • From China to Amazon: a live case study & complete guide to Importing from China & Selling by Manuel Becvar
  • Amazon seller operations: streamline your Business by Jessica Steele


  • Beyond Amazon: a step-by-step guide to monetizing your products online by Mark Attwood


ASM Price


4 payments of $1497 or 1 payment of $4997 with a ZERO RISK guarantee for 30 days
after the first module releases. You can try it out and if it is not something you like send an email, access the live chat, or make a phone call and they will refund you 100% and they buy back up to $1000 inventory if you already bought products from the suppliers.

Update Oct 14, 2018

Now ASM offers memberships, there are 2 plans:

  • Monthly membership: $97/month (unlimited access to training, community, 14-day money-back guarantee, cancel anytime, no obligations)
  • Yearly membership: $67/month – you save $360 (unlimited access to training, community, 14-day money-back guarantee, cancel anytime, no obligations)





Is ASM Legit?


Absolutely, this is definitely a legit and legal opportunity. It has nothing to do with online scams or other kinds of fraud. This is an e-commerce business structure in partnership with Amazon, the world’s most trustworthy retailer. Matt & Jason have created a training solution and they have years of experience in selling products on Amazon.

ASM stood the test of time and is being promoted and endorsed by leaders, top marketing experts, and influencers.

The free membership that comes with the 4 videos is a Goldmine itself. Matt & Jason present an extended research on Amazon’s selling model and without these documents, you would need weeks or months just to understand how things work. But I want to amplify the pros and cons of this model in order for you to better understand this kind of business and to give you my final conclusion/opinion.


  • You can build your own Amazon seller partnership brand with the help of successful and experienced sellers like Matt & Jason
  • Detailed step-by-step guidance along the way with exclusive tools and methods
  • Supporting community, live chat
  • 30 days guarantee, reduced to 14 days, but they offer very affordable monthly and yearly memberships
  • Low start-up cost ($5000 or $6000) compared to a FRANCHISE business or the creation of a traditional brick and mortar business ($40000 up to 1 million and more).
  • Amazon Reputation
  • ASM is being launched with huge success for many years now



  • High initial cost compared to other online business models, like Affiliate Marketing business ($50 up to $200)
  • A highly risky model – trading physical products – (1) possible defective products (2) transportation problems (3) quality problems (4) delays (5) trusted suppliers (6) product cut-offs – discontinued items
  • Extra costs  – (1) Logo and brand packaging – (2) Outsourcing employee (s) (3) Remaining products unsold (4) ads and paid reviews (5) video production outsourced
  • The margin of Profit can be very low depending on the products
  • Limited control of the transportation (from the suppliers directly to Amazon warehouses)

ASM Statistics

  • 16,000 students
  • 200 courses available
  • 150 instructors
  • 150 countries
  • 10,000 hours of training





Overview – Who Is It For?


I am not a fan of trading physical products but that does not mean you can’t be successful following the ASM training. As a manufacturer for over 20 years, I believe that selling physical products has a decent margin of profit only in the case that you produce those products (being a manufacturer). When you buy from producers and sell through another network (Amazon in that case) your profit is very limited and still you own the products, you have to deal with delays, faults, and complaints and you have to pre-pay for the costs. On the other hand, the Amazing Selling Machine model is a low-cost business compared to franchise opportunities or other kinds of local businesses.

The final price of ASM alone is $5000 or $6000. Add the extra costs and you possibly meet the $10000 or $12000 for such a business. You will need a lot of time, and hard work (as with any business) to make a profit and finally to get your initial costs covered. So I think that Amazing Selling Machine stands for wealthy entrepreneurs, those that can cover that costs and are ready to invest in the physical products market If you had in mind to invest in a franchise or brick-and-mortar business this opportunity is a cheaper option with less risk.

*Update Oct 14, 2018: the monthly and yearly memberships are very affordable

Final Conclusion



This is a great opportunity if you seek to trade physical products. Amazon provides the platform, the network, the warehouses, and the final delivery of the products to the customers. This saves you a lot of unnecessary costs and hard work. It is a decent online opportunity and has a low starting cost compared to traditional and franchise businesses.

But there are some risks you have to consider that we already stated. But it is a business, every business includes risk and hard work. There is a free membership area where you can test the ASM on your own.

Have in mind that as with every online business model, Amazing Selling Machine requires from you to put in the work. There are over 200 courses that cover everything you need to know to master this business, but you have to make it happen. More importantly, you have to apply what you learn. You won’t get any results by just investing in a detailed and comprehensive training program like ASM. ASM won’t do the work for you. ASM only provides the tools and support.

But if you decide to purchase the course, the high-quality training material will help you get started the right way. The support is enormous and there is an established private community to answer your questions and give you feedback.

*Update Oct 14, 2018: The updated memberships are very affordable

I hope you have a better understanding of what Amazing Selling Machine is all about and that this review will help you decide if this program is the right one for your needs.


That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.

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I enjoy reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and playing with my kids.


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  1. Lance Harriss

    Amazing Selling machine is extremely difficult, costs way too much, and help from customer service does not exist. The mentor system is not helpful. I tried it and was in way over my head. It is not for people with limited computer knowledge.

    • Tasos

      I understand dear Lance and thank you so much for mentioning your experience. That is definitely a point under examination for those involved.

      Where exactly the “Mentor System” failed to deliver on its promises?…I am very interested in your case. May be there is a simple solution from the company to get you on the right track as soon as possible. Is this something you are looking for?…

      Waiting for your reply, again I am grateful for your participation.

  2. dreamgirl93

    First of all, thank you for this helpful review.
    It’s the first time that I hear about The Amazing Selling Machine and this sounds to complicated for me. And not to mention risky.
    In fact, I don’t even have any kind of passion for this type of work. I’d rather do affiliate marketing and help people by writing about topics that I am passionate about.
    I guess this opportunity is not for me

    • Tasos

      Thank you for sharing your point of view DreamGirl. We better deal with businesses that we have a passion for, this way we have a chance for greater results. I believe both affiliate marketing and the ASM model have many similarities beyond the obvious differences. The thing is to sell effectively.

      Good luck with your projects..!!

  3. Julian

    Hey Tasos,

    First off, great review man. Very helpful. I really liked how you explained their training in detail. Thanks!

    Amazing Selling Machine definitely looks like a program that can teach you how to build a business. But it sounds like a lot more work than other ways I’ve heard of.

    I think I have 3 options. Maybe you can help me…

    1. Go with what Amazing Selling Machine is about.
    2. Start a blog around a certain topic, build an audience, and make money by creating and selling info-products.
    3. Start a blog around an ultra specific topic that targets a very specific type of people and make money by promoting a product that’ll solve their problem.

    What would you say would be the quickest way to earn say…$2.5k per month?

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Julian , I am glad you are doing OK and for taking the time to read this review.ASM is a pretty good program , the information they reveal in their videos is spot on as concerns e-commerce businesses.

      Now for your question I would not go with ASM , at least for the moment.Trading hides a lot of risks , but it can return bigger profits in the future , if you keep on working with that model.There are people succeeding with ASM , even with those initial expenses.But it will take time.

      I like the idea of a blog on info-products.Promoting products as an affiliate and at the same time creating your own sounds like my favourite option.

      The 3rd option is great too , but it seems you will be restricted to a very specific segment.If you have in mind to expand in the future , may be you would go with the 2nd option.

      All 3 options can return and exceed the amount you mentioned.Time can not be calculated as it depends on so many factors including your personal work and efforts.

      Good luck with your decision , thank you for taking the time to discuss it with me.

  4. Brian

    Hey there Tasos,
    It’s a good thing for those of us that have never heard of the Amazing Selling Machine, that you’ve written such an in depth review of them.
    And yeah, I’m pretty much with you when it comes to dealing with physical product. I’ve been there in the past, and all kinds of things can happen that catch you off guard. Always the undesirable stuff, not too often pleasant surprises.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Brian , yes , the trade of physical products include some risks that you have to deal.As you said , almost always there are some problems.Instead fortunate surprises do not exist.

      It is a model in which you can make miracles but you have to invest real money on.Breaking even will not just happen during the first year , you have to keep it going.

      But once you get recognised and make connections things can change.

      Thank you for taking the time to participate in the conversation and state your opinion.

  5. lynn

    I’ve seen this program before and have a few friends who got into it, with varying degrees of success. Last I heard, one of them was making over $30,000 a month! But she had the money to invest up front, and the money it takes to keep it going. And this income is after 2-3 years of working at it.

    Your assessment of the opportunity seems very accurate. My friends also found it to be legitimate, but I think, as you do, that it’s much riskier than the affiliate business model. As an affiliate, it wouldn’t take nearly as long to “break even” on your investment.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Lynn , I am glad to meet someone that knows friends who got involved in this opportunity.I believe your friend insisted on this project and finally making real money out of it.Yes , it takes time to reach that numbers , but it is the same as with any business.

      If you can hold on with the initial and ongoing costs while keep selling goods , inevitably you will break even and make a profit.

      Affiliate model is less risky and the operational costs are way less.

      Thank you for this visit and for letting us know about your experience.That can help more people decide.

  6. stefan

    Hi Tasos

    Great review!

    I am not a fan of trading physical products neither. There are some risks involved and it can give you some headaches as you mentioned. I like the freedom the affiliate marketing can provide and I think dealing with shipments and suppliers will compromise that. However, when you compare to brick and mortar business, it can be a great alternative, the start up costs are attractive indeed.

    Many thanks


    • Tasos

      Welcome Stefan , this is my point of view , a great opportunity that few years earlier would sound very promising.You have the option to create a startup with physical products in a competitive price compared to traditional models.

      For me the one that makes the real money here is the Producer.

      Thank you for explaining your thoughts , good luck with your affiliate business.

  7. Vic

    Hi ATzortzis, great review of the ASM opportunity. I actually joined ASM last year. I agree with you that it is totally a legit opportunity. Through their course I been able to source my product from China, get it branded and it is now selling on amazon. It’s not selling as quickly as I would like but I am making money. I am nowhere near in profit yet, as while ASM is a great and legit opportunity, it’s one of the more expensive ways to get a business up and running. Are you still selling physical products online?

    • Tasos

      Welcome Vic , I am glad you are asking.I am in this business of physical products for many years but I was an offline producer and distributor so far.Now I will definitely leverage the power of internet to add another source of income.Right now I am preparing a portfolio of new handmade clothes but I will advertise it and sell it through my own channels and methods.

      Of course ASM is a great opportunity for those that don’t have any experience with trading and physical products.If I was a newcomer then I would think very seriously in joining , if I could afford the costs.

      I would like to ask you if you had any previous experience with trade I want to suggest that you continue your efforts and give your best in learning and building.It is a business model , anyone can make money and eventually get a profit out of it.

      I wanna thank you for visiting my blog , it was nice to meet someone that finally co-operated with ASM , your statement will help more people understand the whole project.Good luck.

  8. Kush1000

    Hi there! That’s a nice post you have created here.
    Very nicely explained and easy for a reader to understand.
    I will definitely come back to this site in the future.
    I’m sure many people will find this article as useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this nice information.
    Cheers and best of luck to you.

    • Tasos

      Hi there Kush , thank you for the feedback and your kind words.

  9. Benjamin

    Wow nice article but a little steep for my pocket. It really does offer many benefits that would help many entrepreneurs.

    Do you use this product yourself? If you do how much money can it actually make somebody? Would you highly recommend this product to a complete newbie?

    Thanks in advanced!



    • Tasos

      Hello Benji , it is a great online opportunity but it comes at a high price.I am not using it because of that , very expensive.But money can be made through this model , that is for sure.It depends on the work someone puts in and how able is to market his products.

      I am not recommending newbies to participate in the e-commerce trading model , generally.It is not that I don’t like the ASM or e-commerce , but it involves high risk.I am a producer myself and I can tell people that trade is a dangerous field.But of course , if someone avoid some pitfalls and stand off the ground then the sky is the limit.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your participation in the comments.

  10. Sean S

    Great details here. I really liked your article, and if that was an opportunity I could afford, I would feel really comfortable with what the ASM actually entails.

    I especially like the pros/cons summary at the end of the article. It’s a little easy to get caught in all of the information that comes beforehand, so that list brings everything back to a nice focus at the end. Great work

    • Tasos

      Hello Sean , it seems that ASM is a little expensive for you like the most of online business seekers.But it is one that if you can afford and accept the risks you might be able to grow your business with their detailed help.

      I am really glad you found that article valuable and I wanna thank you for taking the time to state your opinion.

  11. Andreas S

    I really enjoyed reading this article. I love to read about money making methods and if they are scam or not. It is always difficult to know. This one was quite expensive so I doubt I will try it myself. I’ll just stick to ordinary affiliate marketing I think.

    Thanks for the input anyway. I’ll continue to read your site.

    • Tasos

      Hi Andreas , this product is quite expensive for a lot of people , yes.Thanks for your input.

  12. Liz

    Wow, I have not heard of this yet. This is way too expensive for the average person to do. I wonder if a bank would lend you money for something like this. Not sure, but I think not. I am sure it is a legit business opportunity, but it looks like there are too many risks involved. Thanks for the info! I like to learn about what opportunities there are out there.

    • Tasos

      Exactly Liz , way too expensive for the average investor.Of course for some entrepreneurs that money is like “nothing” but for what the program offers I find it is pricey.And there are other costs involved if you decide to continue with this opportunity.Totally legit , the free videos are a goldmine of information and the producers presented a thorough explanation but I would prefer to promote physical products on Amazon through the associates affiliate method.I don’t want to own these products and be responsible for everything.

      Thank you for the visit and for taking the time to participate in the comments.

  13. NemiraB

    Hello. Thanks for this informative article. You clearly explained this program, which is for people, who never heard about Wealthy Affiliate.
    At first Amazing Selling Machine is expensive and from my point of view too complicated.
    Second , too much responsibility for beginners, who need to take care of learning everything from scratch and taking care of products, which they suppose to sell.
    Third. These products are physical. It takes additional storage or constantly communicate with manufacturers, shipping, logistics will be tricky too.
    Your review is great, because you explain everything step by step. You article is transparent, no hidden agenda here.
    I would offer Wealthy Affiliate. The cost is reasonable, enormous amount of knowledge for members, community support and tools to get ranked in Google. This training website stands out from others, because here members learn how to navigate in jungles of Internet and create business online.
    Thank you for introducing amazing selling machine. I hope that your visitors will choose the right option, which offers real education and preparation to run business online.
    Happy writing, Nemira.

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Nemira , I am glad you agree on this review.Yes , it is an expensive and risky business model.I prefer to promote physical products through Amazon associates affiliate program , without taking risks and responsibilities.Additionally I believe this is not a business you can run on your own , at some point you will need “more hands” to get it done.

      But the producers presented a totally legit plan through their step by step explanations and guides.But there are costs involved that we can’t ignore.Trading is one of the most difficult businesses and “warehouse stocks” of unsold items would be a real headache.

      Affiliate marketing model eliminates the risks and open up unlimited paths to promote products (physical or informative) from any company you want.

      Thank you for re-visiting my blog and for your thorough message.Good luck to you too.

  14. HolisticJB

    This is a very interesting post. Is it a scheme marketers can buy into? I ask only as there is exactly the same product, videos etc in the UK but nor presented by these 2 guys, it’s promoted by “someone” claiming to be a self made millionaire – Dutch guy saying he went from pizza delivery boy to millionaire overnight. I always thought it was just another scam – but looks identical

    same ideas, same everything

    or someone is ripping someone else off…lol

    • Tasos

      Hello , I did not know that this product is being promoted outside of USA.Who is this dutch guy?…He became a millionaire overnight while delivering pizzas?….But it is not impossible.If he delivered pizza to a “Palace” of a millionaire and the owners left before the pizza arrived with the doors opened , he might sneaked into their property and stole them.

      Enough with jokes…This is a totally legit opportunity in collaboration with Amazon.The dutch pizza guy is obviously just another fraud pretending the rich.

      Thank you for passing by and for leaving your comment on my blog

  15. MForgacs

    Good article on the Amazing Selling Machine product. You really researched the product and made sure you didn’t recommend it to others because of its issues.

    So many scams and bad websites that promise you lots of money. It’s good to have websites like yours to direct people in the right path.

    Good job.

    • Tasos

      Thank you for the nice words MForgacs.The amazing machine is a legitimate opportunity but includes a lot of risks.That is why I am sceptical on recommending it.Besides I am a manufacturer of products and I know first hand that trading is not an easy job and it is only worthy for the producers.

      Nice to meet you here on my blog

  16. Val

    I never knew that Amazon had a program called the Amazing Selling Machine. There are so many scams on the internet these days, that it is refreshing to hear about a legitimate way to make money online. Having said all of that, I don’t think this is the kind of business that I am looking for. I am not interested in dealing with physical products. I have done that in the past and have learned that I don’t like having to manage an inventory. I am glad that Amazon offers this type of service, but I am more interested in dealing with digital products. Do you know of a great source for learning how to put together digital products and how to market them?

    • Tasos

      Yes , this opportunity from Amazon is a great chance for those interested in dealing with physical products , Val.But you have to own the inventory and like any trade business you take the risks of this model.If you want to deal with digital products without creating them you can build a website focused on a specific niche and promote products from merchants and companies.You can participate in Affiliate networks and start promoting products.But in order to participate it is essential that your website gets decent online traffic in a daily basis.To accomplish that you have to offer free information on your website writing on topics exclusively on your niche and according to what online visitors are searching through the engines.

      If you want to deal in such a business model you can check out the marketing training portals I suggest.You can either join Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate.Both networks are free to test before you decide.Even as free member you have the chance to understand the process of Affiliate Marketing.But with this type of marketing you are not only promoting digital products.You can promote physical as well.

      Hope this helps and thank you for commenting on my blog.

  17. Deidre Bourne

    Hi Tasos,
    Thanks for providing a very thorough review about the Amazon Selling Machine. Prior to reading this review,
    I was not aware that Amazon has a program like this; I was only aware of Amazon’s affiliate program of which
    I am a member. Based on what I have read in your review, the Amazon Selling Machine is not something I would get
    into because of the cons you stated–high start up costs and having to purchase inventory that you need to sell
    in order to make money. I tried a program similar to this one and I was not successful–I basically had to “eat”
    my inventory. I think that this program would benefit those who are good at sales and dealing with suppliers of the

    • Tasos

      In your case Deidre , I would stay as an affiliate with Amazon.There is no need to get in trouble and deal with ownership , inventories , risks.

      This program stands mostly for wealthy traders , entrepreneurs or people that can proceed with such investments.You said it right , in order to succeed with that you have to know some trading basics and get to know your suppliers well.You have to make strong business relationships with trustworthy producers and you will need some personnel if you want to be 100% accurate with your deals and shipments.

      Thank you for stating your own personal experience here

  18. Nicole

    This is the first time I have read about the Amazing Selling Machine using Amazon. The initial start up cost scares me away but would be very interested to know if anyone reading this has tried this method? Do you know if you need to physically mail these products to your consumers or if you are able to do it all from a computer? I am very interested but also very sceptical.

    • Tasos

      I am glad you asked Nicole

      For some people that investment of 10 to 12 thousand dollars is nothing.Others can buy companies or properties that cost billions in one day.While the vast majority of the population on earth would struggle to get it done so easily.My personal opinion comes up when analysing the economic “Times” we live , where every day a new country is added to an extended catalogue of those who are in big debts and own money to their creditors and I think it is not time for big investments.

      I have been a manufacturer for many years , so I can tell you that selling physical products throughout the world is not an easy task at all.While with Amazing Machine you can direct all the process from the comfort of your home using a computer at some point you will inevitably add some extra costs to visit the countries in which your suppliers are.To meet them , get to know their facilities , ask questions and watch the production line.Although Amazon handles the shipments from the suppliers to the final customers and is taking care of the packaging with your brand on it , I would not feel comfortable with the idea of having on my hands only some samples of the final production.

      Who is going to check the final shipment.?…if the production is not 100% accurate there might be returns ,refunds and warehouses full with stock products.You gonna need at least one employee , close to you partner , to check everything for you.Then you will face the competition in Amazon where you are about to meet independent business owners like you selling the exact same products under a new name or logo.

      So that means you will need to get a strong marketing education in order to bypass the competition and be displayed high in the rankings of Amazon.Matt & Jason are providing Extra education on that matter but you have to make a contract before you enter that system.

      Don’t forget the fact that the final profit is getting splitted into many parts.Selling physical products is only worthy for the producers.And you take a lot of risks when you own the products.The moment they left the supplier facilities the products belong to you.They get their money you have to deal with sales.How many items will be left unsold.?

      I hope “that” can clear things for you in order to get your final decision.If you have any further questions do not hesitate at all.I am here , just drop me a line.

  19. Emily

    This is a really thorough review, I enjoyed reading it.
    I’ve often wondered about the pros and cons of trading physical products vs affiliate products, and which platforms are best for each.
    You’ve provided some really helpful information on that topic, and cleared up a few things for me. Thank you!

    • Tasos

      You can sell physical products an an affiliate without having to own them.With Amazing Selling Machine you have to own the products.You are buying from the suppliers , you pay for that and then you have to deal with the sales.That means you are responsible for everything till the products reach the customers and they approve that everything is OK.

      When you are an affiliate you can sell any kind of products you choose and the company that offer the products or services have to secure the transactions.So that means as an affiliate you have way little risk.You are responsible to direct or suggest to the final customer the product.The company deals with the shipment , transfer or delivery.

      As concerns the profits I can calculate that are somewhat equal , depending on the product always.For physical products the main profit remain at the producers side.With Amazing Machine there are 2 mediums , you and Amazon.Amazon is taking care of the shipments , you have very low control and that is something that can cause you headaches , so Amazon is getting more and you are the last in the chain.

      I prefer to stand at the affiliate side and to sell physical or information products or other services without the risks I mentioned.

      Amazon is the most trustworthy platform with years of experience and credibility in the physical products arena.On the other side I suggest Wealthy Affiliate as the top platform for affiliate marketing.Then you can sell Amazon products as an affiliate , creating websites that provide quality information and attract online traffic and therefore convert some of that traffic into sales.

      I hope my answer can clarify your concerns Emily.Feel free to ask anything if I have not got you covered


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