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Still trying to find out how to start an internet based business?…need help in avoiding online scams that only want to rip your pocket?….On the other hand you are an entrepreneur and want to take advantage of the web massive opportunities to grow your market share?

You’ve come to the right place…An Affiliate Marketing guide full of resources , tools and reviews about internet marketing networks , products , communities and potential opportunities suitable for all newbies or active entrepreneurs and bloggers




I want to personally welcome you to WebMarketSupport.com.My name is Tasos and this website intention is to gather for you all the necessary resources , tools and information that you will need in the process of building your own business in the web.Furthermore I will share some interesting tips that can help you get ranked higher in the search engines and increase your website traffic.

Additionally I will provide you with real and honest opportunities that exist in the web market world and advice you how to avoid scams or other spammy networks.


What Web Market Support is About


♦ Detailed information to guide you step-by-step in building and operating your own website (your business foundation).

♦ Introduction to Affiliate Marketing , how does it work , tools ,tips and techniques for attracting online traffic and potential followers.

Reviews about marketing networks,forums,communities,products,software in order to keep you informed and updated.Comparisons – Proposals – What to Avoid.




A quick background


….as I was wondering on the net ,couple of years ago looking to create a new online business this time I have been participating in a lot of different forums,blogs and sites trying to find my way but with no serious luck.All I managed to trade some products through ebay , etsy and some other “similar” fair tunnels.


…but I was aiming at something different .I needed the power of internet in building a solid online business that can target the whole world population without getting involved in the possession of the products and goods anymore.Because in this type of selling there are a lot of expenses and risks that take place because of the distribution of that goods.

When you trade usually you have to pre-pay big quantities in order to get a Good Price….but what happens if you can’t sell?..You lose your money…Just like that.Not to mention the defective products,damages in the transportation,customer complaints,refused payments,delays from suppliers and many many more…


But this online journey did not ended there


Internet false quick money promises


I joined shiny and very dainty networks of all kind that were mostly selling a dream that does not exist.In almost every case there was a “quick rich undercover scheme” that you had to adopt in order to attract followers and investors that usually described as your “downline”.

And that was not the worst part..In all that online communities and websites there was not a decent education program,no clear direction and guidance.Only repetitions of the same old story about great success but with no in – depth knowledge.


Did you have any similar experience?….Have you been part of any MLM or pyramid scheme?
(more on that on my review section)

Likewise I joined partnership networks to be trained and promote their products but sometimes after 1 or 2 live video tutorials with low “general only” information they were pushing first to buy these products at a fixed price package.

And this is something that only on the internet exist.


Have you ever applied for a job in the offline original world and they asked you to pay them or to buy their products in order to work?…it really does not make any sense….But I wanted to try even at this way. – That’s where they count – that some of us will try under those extraordinary conditions.I ventured to buy some of the most elegant packets but I did not have any support , the only way was to approach friends and family members…Eventually I gave up on them.


So how the heck am I supposed to promote the products I just bought?



I guess that many of you will agree with me on that.Don’t you hate it when you left alone in the dark with no support,no encouraging, no education?

I felt like the time I was consuming it was not reflecting my efforts

but never gave up because I knew there were decent opportunities.All of those online associations cannot be just spammers and frauds…I kept on searching on the internet till I found one very special community that I am reviewing here.A network that helped me create my own online business right from scratch.


In order to continue I feel like I should mention something first


get-rich-quick… the advices and tips that I will provide you won’t lead your business to the top overnight.You gotta make them work by your own efforts and you have to be patient.Because from my experience there is no such think as getting rich quickly.It’s just a fake statement that is attractive to people that are looking for online opportunities.





Other than that I want to say a few things about me



I have been self-employed from the beginning of my career which started as a manufacturer of women clothes continuing the family’s tradition with exports mainly in the major european countries for over 30 years.Right now the company is under reconstruction following a new handmade modern style.

I am also co/owner founder of a small hotel with my sister.We launched this project 10 years ago and there are plans in building a bay resort soon in the future.


And I am currently working as an internet entrepreneur and this website is an attempt to clear things up on this over discussioned subject of making money online and help you get started on your own even with no experience at all.

I have a degree in Business Administration and passion for music and music production.In my free time I enjoy playing chess online and participate in the lego and nickelodeon action with my boys at home.


Thank you for reading this.Don’t hesitate to contact me for anything it might concern you.
I am here to discuss with you.


Continue here to find out How To Build your Own Affiliate Marketing Business


Your online partner





























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The Magic of the "7 Ideals" methodology (beta)

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