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You're Reading:AdPays.Club – Ghost Quality Ad Services / Products for Yet Another Ponzi Collapse

AdPays.Club – Ghost Quality Ad Services / Products for Yet Another Ponzi Collapse

by Tasos


Dec 6, 2016




I have waited too long for this company, I should have written my review earlier. I showed extreme patience with them. But still many pockets can be saved.



What is AdPays.Club?



What I say?…or what they say?…let’s examine first what they say about their company


From their FAQ

AdPays.club is a registered company, sharing profits from AdPack sales among active advertisers. You can earn money with revenue sharing if you purchase positions, by clicking PTC and Directory ads, by getting referrals.

No, AdPays.club is not a HYIP, Ponzi, pyramid scheme or illegal. We sell ad services. When people buy these services revenues are held by the company and when you buy an adpack you receive visitors to your website.


What I say

Offering ad credits can not legalize the typical Ponzi scam that the vast majority of these advertising platforms run. If a company use new investments to pay off existing affiliates we talk about a Ponzi scheme. And sooner rather than later all Ponzi schemes collapse. Because recruiting can not last forever, and because affiliates are the only source of income for these pseudo ad companies (over 99% of their revenue)….Remember Traffic Monsoon?

Where are the retails products?…do not exist…


My Experience with AdPays.club



As I already have mentioned I never deposit in a company without doing an extended research, I don’t want to lose any money to these frauds. Simply because they do not deserve it. Not even $1.

I found out that a few people got paid when I wanted to join. So one week later I decided to risk and buy some positions. The ad packs were receiving brilliant commissions and I managed to multiply them, holding about 10 ad packs after 2 months.

But when I decided to withdraw just a small portion of this revenue my request froze on hold.


This is how these scams operate. You don’t know if you will get paid after all. At the beginning they pay but after 2-3 months or a little more they freeze all payments. Why?…because they can not afford to pay.


Another important detail to underline here is that the ad services offered on that site are very poor. When you buy ad packs you don’t have to surf ads in order to generate revenue. So, no one is visiting your banners / ads, no one is interested in the ads whatsoever.


Final Words



You don’t have to chase every revenue sharing company out there to make real money online. Because it might seem like the easiest way, in reality it is the riskiest of all. Internet is a sea of frauds, unknown companies, owners hiding their identities, off shore bases, making very hard to track down these crooks.

Do not gamble with your money, only from time to time, and deposit no more than you can afford to lose.



Alternative Legitimate and Ethical Way to Make Money Online



Now that I am an experienced marketer I do make money with various ways. What I always suggest to newcomers is that they get started with a website. This is how I started and it opened a million new doors. It is possible for everyone.

But do not rush things, it takes some time before you climb to the top….


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts, Till next time, your online partner.
















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