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Why you Should Not Invest in AdFort – Scam Alert

by Tasos


Sep 5, 2016

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From the first minute I used AdFort services I felt that something was wrong….but let’s see how it all started.

I stumbled upon this website and their headlines were very promising

Get money for viewing ads , refer new people , and increase your profits.


Adfort upon signing up gives you a $3 bonus.The first day I clicked on all ads to watch exactly how my account balance is growing.The 2nd day after completing all the ads available I moved on to buy or rent referrals.I had $3+ in my balance and I decided to rent 5 referrals for $0,9 instead of buying 1 direct referral for $1.

The next days I watched my account balance growing.Even the rented referrals were clicking on ads , not all of them but the results were more than satisfying.

In a week or may be 10 days I have already reached the minimum cashout threshold of $5 and exceeded it.But as I am always suspicious and because AdFort ads pay way more than the competition I decided to withdraw $5.


But … to no avail


I read the FAQ and other documents , it was clearly stated that the transactions are completing in a days or two.I waited a few more days while I was using their services normally.

In the meantime all the rented referrals stopped on clicking ads or their statistics were not updating.






I moved on with a support ticket on September 01 and since then no response.I know that they will not get back to me , never.



Final Words



Do I have to say more to convince you to stay away from this brand new company?…I bet that the website will soon be taken down.A very similar advertising scam like Buxept.

Do not invest in advertising packages , do not even create an account.A total waste of time.At least I did not lose any money.Only my precious time…Anyway






As a rule of thumb , when PTC companies offer high bonuses or when the ads pay more than the competition be cautious




That’s it , another review has finished , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts , especially if you have experience with the company.Till next time , your online partner.

















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  1. Rajaguru

    Your web site is not allowed to click ADD.

    Does not have the money to pay.
    o Login History
    • Other
    o Profit Calculator
    Withdraw History

    Feb 25 2017 06:34:03 AM psbrajaguru@gmail.com 13.33 Pending
    Dec 26 2016 04:11:40 AM psbrajaguru@gmail.com 32.86 Pending
    Sep 24 2016 05:14:04 AM psbrajaguru@gmail.com 17.98 Pending
    What to earn more? You can be Paid To Promote up to €1.50/1000 visitors. Instant credit on your Account Balance and instant withdraw as ever.
    Your referral link: adfort.me | (Earn 15% lifetime your referral)
    Member Since: Aug 13, 2016
    Membership: Standard
    Add funds Paid to PromoteWithdraw Rent Referrals
    You haven’t viewed 4 advertisements yesterday.
    • General Stats
    • Statistics
    • Advertiser Stats
    • Login Failures
    Earning Balance Stats
    Balance $0.0000 [ Withdraw ]

    Purchase balance $0.10 [ Add funds ]

    Pending Withdrawls $64.1700
    Payments Received $0.0000
    Points 3005.64 pts [ Convert points ]

    Referral Stats
    Direct Referrals 0 [ Buy Referrals ]

    Rented Referrals 0 [ Rent Referrals ]

    Earned so far 0.0000
    Your advertisement clicks
    Your clicks 3036
    Your referral clicks 0

    • Tasos

      Hello Rajaguru

      Thank you for posting your results. I can see they owe you $64. 3000 clicks for nothing. If you have any news I would like to know. Have a nice day..!!

  2. wikradfo

    Why My Rented Referrals didn’t active ?

    thank you

    • Tasos

      May be because there are no real referrals and what you see is just numbers. Or there are real people but they do not click at all. It happens to me all the time on various sites.

      Thanks for dropping by

  3. simon

    Tasos, I agree with you coz I did a withdraw on September 14th but up to now its still a pending withdraw.This site never pays

    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog Simon.Definitely one of the worst PTC sites ever.That withdraw will stuck on the pending mode for years.Well not exactly years but till the day the site will be taken down.

      Thank you so much for testifying your own experience.That way you help way more people.Good luck to whatever you do.

  4. Yogi

    Thanks for information.
    But different case for me.
    My account has suspended after I request for withdraw the money.
    And I don’t get any explanation for this condition.
    First time, I was wondering that this site give the member a much benefi for every click an advertiser.
    because, another competitor is never more that $ 0.01/ click.
    but this site is $ 0.05/click. it’s much bigger for me.
    I never use this site anymore caused by suspended by administration.

    Nice info

    • Tasos

      Hello Yogi , your case is a slight different than mine but this company proved how bad it really is.

      They are frauds and they bait people with this overrated click system and the initial bonus.Their goal is that people who join will upgrade and give their money.

      But everyone should be cautious and never deposit money without doing an online research.

      Thank you for your testimonial and for visiting my blog.Good luck to whatever you do.


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