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You're Reading:“7 Ideals” Workshop #11 – FB Business Page (part 4)

“7 Ideals” Workshop #11 – FB Business Page (part 4)

by Tasos


Nov 14, 2021

7 Ideals Main Framework

Webclass  Sat Nov 27th @ 6 pm GMT+2 (Greece)

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Amazing Deals/Save 1,000’s

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So, welcome back to our 7 Ideals demonstration workshops. Stronger than ever before.

The brand new workshop is all about the WebMarketSupport Facebook business page, and we’ll be discussing our goals, the strategy and the plan, and why we are doing that.

And before we get started with the workshop I want to answer the last question.

Why are we doing that? Is there potential in building a FB business page? Why social media? Why now?

We discussed social media many times and in episode #26 of the quick marketing & business tips series, I recommended that you should focus on developing your own platform.

A platform is where you build a community and assets.

You can’t depend on other platforms and social media to survive online. These platforms have their own rules, they are changing them all the time and they can kick you off the platform at any time for no reason and without even telling you why.

You don’t have control over these platforms.

Everything should be happening on your website. This is where you can build a dedicated audience and build your own email list of subscribers. A list you own and no one can take away from you, it’s one of your assets, and one of the most important.

But…Facebook is a huge network, the biggest social media platform in the world.

With over 2B members, your clients and my clients, and our clients’ clients are on Facebook.

Now, beyond the obvious advantages of using such a popular platform, Facebook is a great place to organize live events, online challenges, create private groups and generally, interact with prospects and clients, and so much more. It’s a whole world full of opportunities.

Becoming visible on this platform comes with a set of extra advantages. Brands build an authority name, they become trustworthy, and they foster an environment for partnerships and alliances.

It’s all about social proof and all brands need social proof.

Another huge benefit is that Facebook has an exceptional advertising platform that we use daily to drive targeted traffic to our offers.

And if we’ll be able to collect likes, shares, and mentions, and many followers, the performance of our paid ad campaigns on Facebook will improve as a result of becoming visible on the network.

And well, up until now, I was only using my Facebook personal profile, and that only occasionally and never for business and, of course, the advertising platform.

But things changed…now we have a solid product line that we can use to build our Facebook foundation and entice people on this platform to visit our site and become subscribers and hopefully clients.

I have a plan for this FB business page and is this…

Part 2:

What happened with the first banner ad, the next steps in the Facebook business page. New ad set, a new goal, a new strategy for the weekend and so much more.

Part 3:

Days of the footage: Oct 29, Oct 30, and Nov 03.

The next steps and the overall strategy with the Facebook business page.

We acquired 700 followers, people started interacting, we had 28 people interested in our 1st event and 4 people said they’re going.

And that’s only 1 week since we started building a presence on Facebook. 

Part 4:

Days overview: Nov 04-Nov 14.

What happened since we started promoting the product launch formula training program.

I added a challenge, a quiz, I published GIF’s, a questionnaire, videos, I announced the live training masterclass “Marketing product launches for artists” that we hosted on YouTube, I shared the review page of product launch formula, I shared a video with case studies, I interrupted the promotions with other content, and so much more.

Today, I create a new ad set by duplicating another one, I target another group of people and I change the settings of this already winning ad set.

You don’t want to miss this episode.

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