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You're Reading:“7 Ideals” Demonstration – Workshop #7 – Affiliate Promotion Paid Ad Campaign (DesignModo part 2)

“7 Ideals” Demonstration – Workshop #7 – Affiliate Promotion Paid Ad Campaign (DesignModo part 2)

by Tasos


Oct 28, 2021

7 Ideals Main Framework

Webclass  Sat Nov 27th @ 6 pm GMT+2 (Greece)

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Amazing Deals/Save 1,000’s

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So, welcome back to our 7 Ideals demonstration workshops. 

This workshop is all about promoting DesignModo as an affiliate. 

I’ve already published a review with a video walkthrough, I showcase numerous examples and designs I created using the app and I provide a detailed analysis of the features.

In this workshop, I discuss my overall strategy with this promotion, my conversation with their affiliate manager, the restrictions, I use various tools online, perform market research on the fly, and use Google Ads to launch a paid ad campaign.

This is the first part of this campaign and I’ll be coming back to it shortly.

Enjoy the workshop.

Part 2:

I discuss the next steps we should take in our paid ad campaign after monitoring the results for 24 hours. Changes are needed immediately. 

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