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3 Effective Ways To Make Money With A Website

by Tasos


Apr 2, 2015

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We have already discussed about the creation of our website and how it’s gonna be of a great assistance for attracting people (traffic) and therefore we mentioned Affiliate Marketing as a route in turning that traffic into real profit and today I wanna underline some more alternative and really effective ways we can use in order to make money with our website and that are essential to getting our foundation firm and stable.

These techniques require though that our website is getting a decent amount of daily traffic and it would feel natural if we do not use them right away when this website business begins.


Time is money…right?…so here we go



Various types of Google Adsense Ads


Many of you might have heard the term “Adsense”.This popular program uses the Google’s marked advertising method.The potential partner (WE) must apply for approval so that Google will investigate website content, the traffic that is getting and eventually responds with an answer.

In that case, Google needs quality and unique content, as we already cleared and further there are rules set depending on various factors.WE must follow closely these rules in order to stay on Google’s side and not get kicked off.


The formula after the approval is plain simple.We will place Ads that Google provides on our website and will be paid a proportion of the clicked Ads.Google offers advertisements based on our website content so that the visitor feels comfortable with relevant and not highly intruding ads.That makes Google’s program the most popular on the internet market.

The most used method is the pay-per-click (PPC) in which the merchant (Google) pays website owners utilizing the pay-for-performance structure.It’s very similar to the affiliate marketing platform as payments are only accounted when the Ads are clicked by online visitors.


Other methods of Adsense is the pay-per-impression and I refer you here to Wikipedia and the cost-per-action that tested as beta but dismissed by Google back in 2008…see also the previous link

There are many other Ad programs besides Google but that will be explained in another future post.

As long as you find relevant Ads to your website’s content you can use them to test their effect.If some ads are not converting you can change them.


What about in discovering some more ways that can help your online business make money?


Discover the power of Relative Advertising


…This specific method can be used more efficiently when our site is established and getting some considerable amount of traffic.Then we can come in contact with companies and/or websites into our respective niche area and express our interest in placing their ads on our website.Then if they want to advertise on our website they will monitor and check our traffic data and if they are satisfied will contact us to commence a business collaboration.

In such cases don’t forget to check wisely your potential co-operations.Do not get involved in any kind of collaboration with spam or scam sites cause this will lead to unwanted results.You have to choose very carefully and always think of your “visitors”.Place Ads that come from respective sites, forums, blogs and communities that offer added value to your existing content so that your visitors will get benefited from such Ads.Do your research considerately and gently.


Another effective way to approach relative websites to ask for their partnership is to post useful comments on their website creating a genuine discussion. Furthermore, you can contact website owners via their contact form informing them of your intentions and by giving them your details.

Additionally, you can use the power of social forums related to your niche.In every niche, there are 100’s communities with relative entrepreneurs like you so you can start making connections and eventually build a network that will help you place valuable ads to your website and maybe your ads onto their websites.

You do not need to rush when choosing your partners.



Building an Email List Tips … constructing piece by piece


..Remember the last time you signed up on a website giving your email in order to do something?…Was it because you wanted to purchase a product and it was necessary for the transaction ?…or maybe it was for subscribing to a newsletter you were interested in ?…or even because they were offering something very special? eg … in a recipe forum you found your favorite cheesecake but there was only the summary and they were asking for registration in order to continue?

…And of course, you can easily remember the emails that are coming to your inbox almost daily from websites you’ve already purchased products like let’s say music cd’s from Amazon or cd universe or from wholesalers you bought once clothes or other local companies …etc…

This is happening because you are part of their LIST and this way these companies try to stay in touch with you because you are very precious.You are a potential customer and will always be….


Now it’s time for you to do the same…


When your site is starting to receive good amounts of online traffic and you notice new and unique visitors every single day (you should check your Google Analytics very often if not daily even for 2 minutes) then you can start considering in offering a subscription form.You could start by giving away something very valuable, as a sign of the quality things to come.


Doing so you will get more subscribers into your list.A lot of marketers offer free e-books or other informative projects.For example, I sign up easily when I receive such e-books that can be proved valuable and help me with my work or interests.

Just have in mind to keep your subscription form lightweight, asking for their name and email address is more than enough.I remember a lot of times when I was in the process of a signing from that I was asked for so many details and the ending result was to exit the website without signing in.  


You have to keep in touch with your visitors and track their emails for future references.Whenever you have something new to advertise to them that would be interested in you can send them e-mails to keep them notified.But do not bombard them with sales ads, just normally inform them of anything useful and any changes regarding your website.


You can include special offers, bonus, techniques, newsletters, and advice on several aspects of your business.Or maybe you can create a questionnaire and ask politely to share their opinion, anything that can be engaging or what they need to see changed on your website.This way you communicate with them and you build a serious line of trust.


Constructing such relational mail lists can be proved a long-term advantage for your business.


You will probably achieve many sales using your list properly without having to spend money on advertising.Repeated customers are the most powerful tool for your success … so don’t underestimate this subject.

…Why SPAM is a NO NO !!


The lists that you gonna create will consist of those email addresses that your visitors and buyers granted willingly in exchange for anything useful you offered.So taking action and using these email accounts is simply fair, ethical and legal.It has no relation to SPAM emails that all of us receive every day usually in our junk mail folder.Spam emails are illegal and in the majority of them are totally unrelated to our interests.

Start sending spamming emails that their only purpose is to Up-Sell is a great recipe for failure and disappointment for your customers



Not only they will get annoyed but simply they will unsubscribe from your mail list and maybe they will notify their friends and network for doing so..So please respect your existing customers as the most powerful part of your business.These are the ones that signed up for your list because they found value in your content.


They are your partners, keep them informed and try to send them only useful information along with your sales letters.But do not focus only on sales.The more informative emails you send the more they will share with their networks.

…but you think is pretty easy to access your visitor’s email account?


It’s a very challenging part of your business and here you have to stand creative and unique to approach them smoothly into subscribing to your website.You have to come up with ideas that will eventually drive those people to share their email.

Wanna discover some free natural ways that can help you achieve it?…need to learn how to tease your visitors effectively or how you are supposed to create a website page that includes your sign-up form?…need help deciding which data storing corporation to use?…which auto-responder service would you use?


“Stay tuned on WebMarketSupport” as this post is only a summary. Email marketing is a huge topic and there are many techniques and methods to analyze in order to understand its true and full potential.


Thank you for your support…you can continue here on a post about the benefits of “Affiliate Marketing”


Your online partner












9 Popular Ways to Make Money with Blogging





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  1. Paul C

    An excellent representation of a stand up website. I can personally attest to making money online in many different forms. Adsense is a great way to profit, as well as building a list.
    Either way, it’s no get rich quick scheme! Few people appreciate the hard work that goes into making a big website profitable. Great post here! Thanks for sharing!

    • Tasos

      Totally agree Paul , unfortunately only a few people are willing to commit to hard work , at least till the money roll in.I have watched hundreds of marketers abandon their work prematurely and I felt disappointed.

      There are tons of ways a website can be monetized , but it takes times and dedication.The competition is really high.Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your thoughts.All my best.

  2. Chris

    Three great and effective ways to earn with your website here – really impressed!
    I particularly like the option to monetize through ads like Google adsense. I don’t use adsense any longer – hate all the red tape. I use another ad platform to great results. If you have the traffic you can earn big without affiliate products ( just simple ads! )

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Chris , I am glad you found something interesting in that article.Me too , right now I am not using Ad Sense , I think it does not fit with my content.

      Which ad platform are you using?

      Thanks once again for your participation on my blog.

  3. Janelle

    Hi .
    I was interested to read your thoughts on email marketing in this article.
    It is a new subject that I have not incorporated into my marketing yet, but I can see where it has a long term advantage.
    I think I need to learn a lot more about email lists, or is it as simple as a plugin?
    Is there a good tutorial you would recommend I use?

    • Tasos

      Hello Janelle , welcome to my blog.Yes , they say that email marketing is still the “King” in conversions.But if your website is brand new I would not worry that much.In fact I still have not provided a subscription form yet.I am waiting for my traffic to increase a little bit more and I am preparing some content to release for the moment that I am ready.If you are an affiliate marketer without owning a product , you can wait.But companies that offer products they own , proceed immediately with email subscriptions.

      There is a ton of information online about email marketing techniques and methods that you can apply to your business.I am still studying and researching this subject.Lately I found one very interesting article that I would like to share with you.It is talking about some changes that we can apply to email strategies due to modern internet world.

      Email marketing is a whole science by itself , it is not a simple task.But I do not know what you mean by saying “plugin” in your question.Email lists can be implemented with an auto-responder service like Mailchimp or Aweber.These services are useful like plugins because they automate the process of sending the emails to your subscribers , otherwise you would have to send emails one by one.But you do not have to install anything , they operate through their websites.

      One more interesting article on email marketing tools is this one.Another one could be this one , understanding the “Art” of emails.And a last one could be that.

      I hope these articles could help you out , I would like to know about your future progress.Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leaving your questions.


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