You're Reading:10 Ads Pay – Long Term Advertising Business or a Program that is Going to Die?

10 Ads Pay – Long Term Advertising Business or a Program that is Going to Die?

by Tasos


Dec 9, 2016


Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

**Stay tuned on the blog, we release a series of articles, webinars, to discuss zero and 1st-party data, new ways of positioning as movement makers, new ways of running ads, new sales funnels, new frameworks**

We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

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BREAKING Business News – Entering the New Economic Era

Major companies going bankrupt, food processing sites getting burned, electric cars in flames, news laws about big tech censorship, flying bikes, and so much more.




Another revenue sharing company is under the microscope today. A program that attracts investors that want to buy ad packs and get advertised on that website. Members that buy ad packs are then eligible to participate in the revenue sharing pools.

In other words it is an advertising platform along with an attached business opportunity.



Inside 10 Ads Pay



Let’s watch their headlines first

  • Go far with advertisements
  • Our journey begun in June 2016
  • Loved by 12571 awesome members
  • Stunning rewards and payouts worth $500,000+ and growing rapidly

They aim to bring quality targeted traffic to your business ads. Their ad packs are carefully crafted and designed to achieve sustainability.


Products and Services

  • Traffic Exchange – you click on other people’s ads in order to get credits for your ads.
  • PPC banners & ads
  • Text Ads
  • Login Ads


  • Personal – $2 and you get 100 website credits + revenue share rewards up to 110%
  • SMB (small / medium business) – $25 and you get 10 PPC banner ads + 500 website credits + revenue up to 115%
  • Corporate / Enterprise – $50 and you get 20 PPC banners + 1000 website credits + revenue up to 120%

Notice: Terms and conditions apply – Revenue Sharing is purely dependent on our sales and sharing varies based on the overall sales, if there are no sales, revenue sharing is not applicable.


What this notice mean?…I will answer that on my conclusion


But what do we understand if we analyse the ad packs?…

  • The SMB (2nd) worth 12 times the 1st but it gives only 5 times X credits and only 5% more revenue potential.
  • The 3rd wroth 25 times X the 1st and gives 10 X credits and 10% more revenue potential.
  • But both the 2nd and 3rd include PPC banners, only a few though,

These are things you should carefully read before any purchase decision. Would you need the PPC banners?…Is the greater risk worth be taken if you buy the $50 pack?…I better lose 5 ad packs of $2 = $10 and not 1 ad pack of $25 or $50.

The revenue potential of 110% up to 120% may seem low compared to other sites but it is logical and I prefer low value rather than high. Statistics show that high yield values lead to earlier collapses.


Payment Processors available

  • Bitcoin
  • 2Pay4You
  • SolidTrustPay
  • Payza
  • Perfect Money


I am surprised to find an advertising revenue sharing company offering refunds. There is a 14 days refund policy with 10% applicable fees.

Referral Program

You get 10% referral commissions for members you refer into the system.






Although the company is delivering credits with every ad pack purchase it is clear that we deal with another Ponzi structure. The SEC has confirmed that ad credits are irrelevant to the nature of a company’s operation.

If all money coming in from new affiliates and the company use that money to pay off existing investors then it is a Ponzi scheme. And the fact is that in all these modern advertising platforms the main revenue stream (over 95%) is from ad packs purchases. What does this mean?…Everyone wants a share of the company’s pie. There are literally no retail sales for healthy operation.


And to answer what I promised earlier, this is the reason ad credit companies do not guarantee any earnings. If they have no new sales no one is eligible for revenue sharing.


So this is why these programs do not last long. Recruitment of new affiliates can not last forever and from some point on no new money coming in, resulting in an inevitable collapse, even with all existing members re-investing in more and more ad packs.


In reality what happens is this….All members that join that kind of sites are interested in the attached income opportunity and are not interested in watching ads. Most of them are business owners, other companies that advertise their websites or affiliate offers.

But they are purchasing ad packs in order to be eligible for the revenue sharing side.

So if you plan to advertise your website / offers you will not receive the best of targeted traffic. The majority of participants want to sell, and over 90% of ads are other money making programs, other rev share or similar companies


Why I did not Invest Yet

When I signed up I quickly searched for the domain registration date. It was purchased on the beginning of this April. So, it was up and running for many months. And this is a time frame that includes high risk for any investment on these kind of sites. The earlier you invest, the better.

But that was not the only reason. As I already mentioned I invest in companies after a deep research. I asked fiends and partners but no one was using their services. So I was not sure if they were paying members through the revenue sharing pools.

Additionally the owner is hiding his / her identity, both on the domain details and on site which is the most important. I prefer to invest in transparent companies. The company’s name “10AdsPay Advertising and Digital Solutions Limited” is obviously not enough.


I decided to use the services as free member, which is my general rule when I sign up with a new program. I do that for at least one week in order to watch a few ads before I jump into any conclusion. If new ads are added every day that means new members coming in, new money. = potential. But if the ads are always the same this is not a very good sign.

I used the traffic exchange system for a while but the results I got were not satisfying either, All these details held me back from investing.


Notice: It would be very easy for me to promote every program out there. But I do not want unsatisfied referrals / followers. I believe in quality, first and foremost, my mission is to promote the “Best of the Best”.

And I would never recommend an opportunity that is risky to anyone. You may proceed with extreme caution and always invest no more than you can easily afford to lose.



How I Make Money Online



As you might noticed I prefer to drive traffic on my website by building content consistently. This is the #1 method that the vast majority of bloggers and entrepreneurs use.

When you own an online property, a website you can advertise any affiliate offer or your own products / services.

And of course I do not rely on these revenue sharing schemes to generate profits, For me, participating in those sites is like gambling, I do invest from time to time but with minimum risks.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.


















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